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Group Trip on 4/20

A foray into Kin Kanyon

There were five of us. We started eating some blue stem, gold cap zoomers at 11 am. We started off at my buddy's house but quickly after munching, we headed downtown to the local park. About ten minutes after we left the house, twenty after the initial drop, I began to notice the effects. At first I was a little worried thinking I had taken too many - I had taken three grams, the most I've done to date - and I was feeling pretty nauseous but I tried to remain positive and I knew it would pass. As we walked down the sidewalk, the oncoming traffic really began to stress me out but then I noticed that with every step I took, it was like the world was shifting with me. I looked up the sidewalk and it looked all wavy like some sort of fun-house floor. We got to the bridge near the park and the wind was blowing pretty strong. It felt like it was trying to knock me over.

 After we crossed the bridge, we climbed down into the park and our minds led us into the forest. We found a really neat spot with a meadow and a creek. My crazy friend emerges from some random spot in the forest and asks if we would like a snack. He pulls out more zoomers and starts eating them. I told him it was a bad idea but he thought it was fine. A couple of my buddies started throwing up but myself and one other guy were just having fun running around our little area. I return to the creek to see how my puking friends were doing and one guy's nose started bleeding! I was still  feeling a little sick and getting burps that would make me feel like I would puke, but I managed to avoid that all day. My friends wanted to sit but it felt better for me to run. If I stood still, sat or lied down I would feel nauseous. All of a sudden I hear screaming from up in the meadow. My really crazy friend comes bolting down after laying in an anthill. We all regroup and decide to venture further into the forest. This part was weird because as I walked through the trees having their branches brush up on me, I could still feel them long after I had passed. I mentioned this and my buddy behind me started freaking out because I had said exactly what he was thinking at that point. 

We had sort of lost track of my really crazy friend but hysterical laughter from deeper in the forest led us to him, crouched awkwardly on a few trees over a creek, scribbling in his note pad with a ridiculous expression on his face. At this point I was really observing the marvel of nature. Everything seemed so beautiful and the weather was just perfect. After our little foray we decide to return the way we came and emerge from the forest. We found a nice spot near a walking path with a bench across from the creek. Here a few of my friends sat down to observe the clouds while I just felt the need to remove all my clothing except for my shorts but my shoes were bothering me the most. I still felt the need too keep moving, as if I would stop, I'd start to feel sick again. So my crazy friend and I started running around, doing cartwheels and the like but I began to become very tired. At this point I decided to put my shirt back on to avoid getting a sunburn. as I walked back over to the bench I looked at the highway and the cars zooming by. Each vehicle had a ghosty trail of itself following it. very cool. My other friends were just totally zoned out on the bench but my crazy friend wanted to go to the playground. He booked it over there but I took my time.

As I walked I began to become very musically inspired to the point where I started to vocalizing all the interesting things I was hearing in my head. It was a really fun time. As I walked I felt the music connected to the earth and like the wind was determining the expressiveness, similar to a band conductor. The closer I got to the playground, the more the beauty of this park shone through to me. The gigantic trees sang with the wind and harmonized with the highway nearby. I emerged over a hill and saw my friend on top of the gazebo. I waved and he saw me and we had some fun on the park. I liked climbing from point a to point b as creatively as possible, but the slide was really fun too. I especially liked clapping into the slide because it made some really cool noises. swinging on the swings and playing in the sand made me feel like a child again. What I really liked about this part was that while I was getting hurt on the park, the pain was really easy to ignore. 

After a while, we settled down a bit and started drawing with some charcoal that we found. It was a really neat experience that I can't really put into words. I started to wonder what my other friends were doing and why they weren't where we were. At this point a bunch of kids had taken over the playground so my buddy and I just chilled to the sidelines. I remember pondering life pretty thoroughly at this point and decided that life is pretty sweet. The way everything works and interacts on this planet is really neat and I wonder what life is like for creature on other planets or in other dimensions. Then I started to realize that I was sort of ignoring my high and letting my thoughts consume me, so i just let go for a minute and let it take hold of me. It was an incredible feeling, so much to take in.

A little while later one friend from the other group shows up and tells us those other guys are still chillin' on the bench. the three of us hung out for a while and then we realized we are all musicians so we started to make some percussive music with the things around us but I realized that my hands had swelled up. I thought I was trippin at first but it kind of hurt to try and make a fist and I couldn't fit my fingers together. I asked my friend and he said they were definitely swollen. Anyway, the two of them decided to take off into the forest but I didn't want to put my shoes back on, so I headed back to the other side to see what my other buddies were up to. The walk back was pretty sweet. Anyone that saw me must have thought I was a nut, carrying my shoes and making all kinds of weird musical noises. I crossed under the highway and my friends were still chillin' on the bench. I said hi, we checked in on each others' trips and then I began to coax them into coming to the other side.

A few minutes later, we all decided to make the walk back to this weird rock thing that sprays water. From this point on the day was pretty chill. For the next few ours we just laid down on a grassy hill in the sun and talked about life. I was watching the clods a lot at this point and they looked so amazing as they were changing shape. birds would fly by and their ghosty images would follow. people would pass by with their dogs who would always come up to us, I think because they knew we were on mushrooms. We had so many great talks and decided that time heals all wounds. Life is cool because if something's bad you can usually just wait it out. It's only a matter of time before it's all over. We laid in the grass for a few more hours until we were sure our other buddies had gone home already. We went to smoke a joint at 4:20 but realized that none of us had a lighter. so we headed to the fas gas to get one. along with a big bottle of water and a bag of candies. 

We walked along a path near the river and found a nice spot near a bridge. We sat down and lit up that fatty. At first I didn't feel anything but then I was baked out of my mind. Some really trashy girl came running down the hill and shouted "tell me you guys have a smoke!" Now none of us smoke that shit so we said sorry. After she disappeared we discussed the bad day she must be having. She returns and asks if we saw $10 lying around. Again, sorry, no. My buddy mentions how when he's having a really good day, he usually runs into someone that's having a crappy one. The chick returns again with half a smoke in her mouth and the ten bucks she was missing in her hand. Dunno, but it may have been our presence that turned that shitty situation into an alright one. She asked for a light and then she was on her way. As were we as it was time to return home.

We cross the highway, climb a hill and head down our street. I see a chick with her skateboard standing across the street. She comes over to our side, gets on the sidewalk behind us and just rides her board through our group. We crossed the street and discussed how she did that just to hassle us and how we seem to have weird interactions with strangers and people we know when we trip. We get back to the house and our other two buddies are there. My one crazy friend looks totally shaken up. We all discuss our trips and we learn that the crazy guy thinks he saw hell for a little while. Something happened in that forest, he hasn't explained it fully, but he thought he was pretty much done trippin' when he left the playground. I told him not to eat that second batch of mushrooms. Anyway, i start to fall off and can't seem to latch onto a conversation. I start staring at this trippy painting above my crazy friend and all the colours and lines start to swirl. I notice I can no longer feel my body and the room is starting to bend over me. I thought I was maybe catching a second wind and about to have an out of body experience or something. 

Anyway, my buddy and I walked back to the college to settle down and contemplate our day.

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