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My Second Experience With Shrooms

Very Intense Trip

                My fiance and I decided that we wanted to trip together last night. I planned an inside night trip with black lights, black light posters and some great music.I completely cleared out my living room and set it up with really comfortable blankets and pillows and waited for J, my fiance, to get home. He arrived home at about 8pm and we took our shrooms at 9. This was the second time I have tripped, and his third. I took 3.9 grams of dried yellow caps ( that were still slightly damp), and laid down on the floor with J and we listened to music. The trip started out with a really intense body high and state of  euphoria. I could not stop smiling, and soon went into fits of laughter for no reason at all. I closed my eyes and had some very colorful visualizations that corresponded to the music I was listening to.J kept getting up and down, and I could tell he was not enjoying his trip as much as I was. After laying on the floor for an hour, I opened my eyes and the whole room was breathing. Black light posters were an awesome idea! The colors were so intense and every little aspect of the posters were constantly changing. All of the swirls were spinning, the poster itself was breathing ,and there were streaks of color dancing along my white walls. One of the posters had a path in it, and I went into the poster and we became the same being. Strange to try and describe, but my living room was no longer in my sensory radar. At that moment, I understood life, and felt a connection with everything around me. I was a part of my house, and my couch. Everything had life, and everything had meaning.  J was not having as intense of a trip, and he started smoking some weed and he took his phone out and was texting. This greatly bothered me and I became more worried about what he was doing, and wishing he was enjoying the experience as much as I was. J started talking about going to bed, and he kept getting up and walking around, which sense my motor skills were greatly compromised this was very difficult for me. My whole body felt %u201Cgummy%u201D as if I were made of marshmallows,and walking was almost impossible. I could see the air, and feel it%u2019s molecules. Because I was expecting to trip WITH J, I was disappointed that he was not into our experience. This ruined it for me. J went upstairs and I felt a sadness that crept over me like a plague. I sat on the couch alone and was in deep introspection. I cried for a while, and closed my eyes and thought mostly about J and our relationship, and how much I loved him. I missed him,and felt so far away from him. This moment came at the end of my trip. As the shrooms started to wear off (About 4 hours later), I went upstairs and talked to J. I decided I was going to eat more shrooms and trip downstairs alone. J helped me weigh out 3 more grams, and then went upstairs to bed.

                I sat on the couch for a while debating on whether or not to take the shrooms. I was feeling tired and I did not want to fall asleep during my second trip. At about2:30am I decided to go for it and swallowed my 3 grams with a tall glass of orange juice. It was nice and refreshing and completely masked the taste of the shrooms. I started feeling the second dose of mushrooms at around 3:30. I hooked a good set of headphones up to my computer and starting youtubing  different bands and songs. This became increasingly difficult. Typing was hard because my fingers and arms felt so heavy, and the computer screen was too bright. I decided to lay on the floor with my headphones plugged into my stereo. At about 4 am the visuals started getting intense. Colors were everywhere, and I painted the ceiling with the trails coming from my hands. It gets difficult to explain my trip from here because I had no concept of time or order. Everything seemed to happen all at once, yet separately in their own individual moments. At one point, I was listening to Pink Floyd Us and Them, and the song FELT blue. I could feel the base in my body. Instrumental music is best, so I switched it to a good cd I had made prior. I opened my eyes, and my eyelashes were making trails. Every time I blinked I saw streaks of the rainbow. I cried out of sheer joy and happiness,and my tears tasted yellow. During an intense song, one of the black light posters became distorted. It seemed that everything was being sucked of it%u2019s life, and the characters and mushrooms in the poster started drooping and melting. There was a snail at the bottom, which started spinning, and all of the melted characters from the poster were sucked into this snail%u2019s shell,disappearing into another dimension. This was not scary to me at all. It seemed natural for this to happen, and I began thinking of life and how everything has a beginning and an end. I looked up and all of the door frames started sagging at the corners, and they too began to melt. The walls looked like a melting candle, and was dripping onto itself. As the world disintegrated around me, I closed my eyes and had an intense 3D color visualization. I could see inside of myself. My core was a bright pink moving ball of color surrounded by wisps of smoke and dancing fireflies.  I started thinking about my life, and how I was living it. Everything became clear, and it seemed I had an answer to all of life%u2019s questions and a new understanding of who I am as a person. It was a life changing experience that is very hard to explain. It%u2019s as if I was born again with a fresh start, and a new positive outlook on life. At about 6am I grew tired and felt heavy, and decided it was time for bed. I was still feeling the effects of the shrooms, and crawled into my warm comfortable bed. I was no longer seeing visuals, but my whole body was tingling and I felt extremely happy. I drifted off to sleep with a clear, open mind and felt really good for the first time in a while. This was a very unique experience, and was very different than the the other two trips I had before.It was AMAZING, and I definitely advise everyone to trip at least once to understand. Next time, I will make sure sure that J enjoys himself. Although tripping alone was incredible, I like to share the experience, and can%u2019t wait for my next trip to Wonderland.

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