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First time tripping

Last night, on Halloween night, me and my friend tried Shrooms for the first time.

Last night, on Halloween night, me and my friend tried Shrooms for the first time. Each of us had 3 grams. My friend mixed it with the food he bought at the mall. I, on the other hand bought a drink to accompany the mushrooms. They tasted like normal mushrooms, except they had a faint taste. I was dressed like a Vampire, and I had lenses that made your eyes look like wolves eyes. My friend bought a Halloween mask to wear outside, just for fun. First I felt strange sensations in my stomach, then my head. Soon I felt as if my stomach wanted to throw up. My friend said he couldn't breath. But in the end we finally started to go on our trip. Sll the lights around me started to glow. The cars in the streets looked as if they had faces. I took out my knife and stabbed a few of them, leaving dents in them. Me and my friend walked around this neighbourhood and for some reason ended up going to the same Elementary school three times in a row. 2 or 3 hours had passed but felt as if 6 or so hours had passed by. On this path I looked at the stone covered ground. There were goblins in the ground and hastily shapes and patterns started moving and dancing. My friend kept on telling me that the Shrooms weren't working, but later he would say that they messed him up so much. But none the less he made me doubt that I was even high on Shrooms. Of course I was, I know I was for sure, but I was so dillusional that he convinced me otherwise. Then he saw a monster and he kept on staring at it, though I didn't see anything. We kept on walking. I saw an old man or woman, I couldn't tell what gender he/she belonged to. Everyone looked as if they were wearing a mask, even when they weren't and I knew they weren't. Things were starting to look funny. While looking at plants it seemed as if I had entered a garden. Then someone called me on my cell phone and started talking about jumbo shrimps. That freaked me out. When we got to my friends house to rest, we watched tv, everything seemed strange. Everything amazed us and tripped us out. Soon 2 hours went by like 20 minutes. The whole time I was out and I met so many different people I thought that I was in different communities, as if I was in different circles, different countries. It was strange. But anyways, I went home later and I fell asleep. My friend had crazy dreams, I on the other hand had the best night of sleep in a long time. My friend ahd trouble waking up, but I felt great when I woke up. Not bad for a first trip.

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