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Complete Loss of ego and reality

best and worst trip of my life

This was my first  second time trippingon shrooms. The first time was amazing, i still knew who i was and i was sort of going crazy but i didnt quite loose it, just alot of visuals and realizations. This time was completely different. I lost sense of everything and everything. My friends head was huge and he started looking like a girl which really creeped me out cause he was the only person to turn to if i had a bad trip. That didn't both me much at all at first. The trip actually started about 45 minutes after i ate them and the visuals were amazing. About an hour and a half  into the trip i mentally went insane, I felt like i was suffering from psychosis and schitzofrenia. I forgot who  my friends and family were. I didnt know what to do so me and my friend smoked. It didn't help me much, the trip  just kept getting more intense. This was the first time i actually seen sounds which i actually did like. I eventually started to get paranoid and and didn't know what i wanted any more i tried to go to sleep four times and then i wanted the window fan to move,  basically i  had no idea what i wanted. I told my friend to give me a notebook and keep telling me that I was gonna be okay again. It turns out i wrote seven pages. I read them the next day and shocked myself, the writings basically concluded that at the time i was two people. I wrote things like"I'm not me, yes i am" and "i dont remember writing that". At this point i was still disconnected from reality. And I kept saying to myself I can make the best of this but I just couldnt get out of this bad trip. About  5 hours into the trip it started to calm down. I knew where i was again and who I was with and it started to make sense that there was a real world and time and everything else. I wouldn't classify this as a bad trip because although i wasn't looking for a trip like that this time, i eventually did want to hit level 5, i probably wont eat that much on an empty stomach again but i definetly will do them again in  a few months. And dont let this trip scare you from doing them, the first timee i ate shrooms i prepared myself and was very knowledged. This time i just got too cocky and thought i could eat as many as I wanted and still handle it, not the case. Definetly gonna eat a little less next time.

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