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Trippin with friends

Thank you!

Hello Everyone~

I'm thinking which story to write since i had 5 great shroom trips in the last 5 years. It scares me a bit to even imagine the feeling of shrooms but it's very comforting to think that
we had the best time all together.

The very first time was in highschool days near Summer, when one of my best friend (Brandon) got it and we were at his grandma's house close to school. We had about a handfull of shroomies. In truth, we were a bit scared since we knew nothing about what its going to do....

The pot was boiling with soup and we decided to put bunch of shroomies with tasty soup and eat it~ (around 3:30pm)

Lesson #1
enjoy the taste. Make sure it's safe, research and never take alot in the beginning.

After the soup we chilled back and talked for a while. then we went upstairs to his room and blazed pot and played the game "Dawn of War" for a while it was great!

After around 30 mins, we started feeling weird in the stomach and the body relaxing and vision becoming colorful all around the room.
Now that I look back, during the day time, it's more comforting to trip but less intensive feeling than at night time. (After mid-night it's crazy trip outs that's another story i'll write in the future :)

Even though the feeling was enlightening and crazy unexpected high, we were a bit nervous from how quickly the high reaches and never seem to go down but keeps on getting
higher...Never stops.

This is when we decided to go watch

"Starwars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith."

So we walked to the theatre 15 mins away and bought ice creams on the way and enjoyed it all. We were trippin pretty intense at this point and when we were walking along the mini-forest and gardens, the flowers and trees comforted us and we felt blessed (The color and beauty of the flowers and trees were amazing). The sound of birds, cars, wind and nature was all so beautiful. At this point, everything was just perfect.

Then we arrived at the theatre full of immense people and this is when we got a little nervous.

Lesson #2

Not to be around too many people, it is very scary experience. LOL

People's face started to move around and we would feel uncomfortable around so many people. We bought the tickets quickly and went to theatre right away and found opening sits near the middle and sat down. (We were trippin crazy at this point and every sound and vision started to swerve and can feel the energy of people all around us)

We were beginning to really look back at how much we consumed and realized it was a bit too much but laughed off.
And then all of a sudden "in walks 5 people in a long dark hair and looked like bunch of rock stars with chicks." But we looked again and realized it was Marty and his girl friend with other friends. They were our buddies from school." And the funny thing was, they were trippin on shrooms also....What a crazy coincidence. All of a sudden, we felt comfortable
to be around the theatre and the high just keeps getting higher...LOL

The movie began with a loud noise from people and the whole time we watched with our mouths open in amazement and especially the last scene in the hell between Anakin and Obie battling, i will never forget that moment on shrooms. It cannot be explained but to simply describe as mix between perfect concentration and full of dreamy feelings.

It was the most intensive experience ever and intense high lasted for at least 6-7 hours.

* i will continue with more story in the future." There are so many other cool things that happen on shrooms. Laterz Enjoy and hope you all have good & safe trips~

Lesson #3

Be around good friends and make sure you have pot.

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