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excelent first trip

Yesterday me and a couple friends got some shrooms from a guy at our school.

Yesterday me and a couple friends got some shrooms from a
guy at our school. They were supposed to be really potent so
we were all excited. After school my 2 friends came back to
my house where we decided to split the shrooms. We had a
quarter and each one of my friends got a half eigth and I
had an eigth. We droped our shrooms at 10 and the effect
started to come on in about 15 minutes!! We were playing
super mario world for super nes and we had just beat the
game. When we were looking at mario, luigi ad the princess
at the end of the game, it looked like they were constantly
expanding. I thought this was really cool. Then i started to
feel weightless and i was laughing really, really hard. I
have never laughed that hard in my entire life. Then we
decided to turn off the lights and listen to some trippy ass
techno. When we were in the dark, I was seiing kaliedescope
patterns everywhere. It was my whole field of vision. THis
was tripping us out to much so we decided to turn on the
lights again. Let me tell you that that was fucking insane.
Once we turned them on everything looked like it was being
shot on a videocamera and i thought my friends were
auditioning for the real world. After that we stared at my
carpet cuz it looked like it was a river and everything was
flowing. Then we watched static on a t.v. Let me tell you
that that is the most trippy thing to do while tripping. I
was seeing all kinds of shit in the t.v.!! Whenever i closed
my eyes i saw 3d shapes floating around and they were all
neon colored. After this are trip kind of died and we were
really tired. We had been trippin for 5 hours and we decided
to call it a night. Lots more stuff happened that night but
it would take me 100 pages to explain them all. Well i've
probably wasted enough of you're time so I'll end this story

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