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True Enlightenment

A succession of 3 trips

Just as my GT's & EQ's were fruiting my mother passed away, we have had our arguments but overall she was a great person.  I've had quite a few supernatural experiences throughout my life, I think the most obvious one was a bottle of bbq sauce being whipped across a kitchen and against the wall from a counter nobody was near, however I was focusing on the object so who knows if it was telekinesis or what but I've seen many other things as well, but never really wanted to define or label what it was because I was a skeptic.

I have had much experience with psychedelics and have learned tons but I've never asked the psychs a question before taking them as recomended from a shaman's guide.  I have a younger cousin (24) who's in rehabilitation for opiate addiction and is doing really well, we've always been like brothers so I wanted to share the experience with him and hopefully help to aid in his recovery.

The first night we lemon-tek'd 2 of the GT's each, we asked them to show us "the other side" before ingestion because we were curious about our mother's death.  I let them sit in the juice for a good 25=30m and drank, I've always loved the taste of lemons and mushrooms so I enjoyed the flavors.  We chilled in my office and threw on some dubstep tracks and smoked out of my new zob while it came up (very smooth, like walking on one of those moving sidewalks).  As we enjoyed everything, the topic of scientology came up and we checked out some videos, one of Tom Cruise being their spokesperson, one from an ex member, and one about the premise.  I was seeing these vortexes open and wasn't sure if I was opening them, but as one was open I had a vision of these people signing their members up for slavery on the other side, and they were selling it by showing people how to use their brains and develop mental skills.  As it came down (again very smooth) we were watching TV and everything we turned on was a battle of good versus evil.

We waited a good week to go again, and lemoned 3.5 EQ's , again we asked them to show us more about the other side.  We were in my living room and listening to dubstep again.  As we came up this time it was a bit different, I felt a narcotic effect and were seeing and hearing some very strange alien sounds, a voice we both heard from a corner of the room said "hey you", we both froze and looked at each other at the same time like; wtf was that?  Overall this was much darker but we did see more and it was the darkness.

I got my car in the garage for a new paintjob, so I'm on foot or riding with friends for a few days.  I wanted to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, it was in the 80's & everyone was out.  I threw like 7.5 in something, and headed outdoors.  My house is in the suburbs in a decent sized city of about 1 million residents and about 25 colleges within 50 miles, our city is in a deciduous forest so there are parks everywhere.  My cousin lives on the outskirts a little way away from center city, he didn't want trip out here this time, and I didn't want to go all the way down there or really be in that kind of environment but he convinced me, I mean we have some mean streets but we can walk down em and people know we're from the city and not some lost suckers.  So we compromised, he came out and met me at the mall and we took the bus down to a nice park area outside of downtown hopped off and grabbed some drinks & smokes. 

We had learned so much from our last two trips, there was a war of good vs. evil and something alien but we couldn't figure how they would all fit together so we asked them to tie them together for us.  We walked through some beautiful historical neighborhoods, as we ate them and the sun was setting.  No lemons this time just ate them, and walked down toward his area through our "park avenue" area.  I hadn't eaten that day because I didn't want anything to impede them.  I felt vibrations as it came up and almost felt like it was more similar feeling to lsd than any other time.

We got down to our "Park Avenue" area and effects were quite noticable, many people were out eating at bistros and socializing, I felt warmth and goodness from these people,they were radiating positive energy and thoughts.  As we walked past it we went through this little park that connects to parallel streets and cuts through our museum area.  I felt strange about entering for some reason, but we went through anyway, even though it was really warm it was a windy day probably 30 mph or so and as we walked in they became very intense.  I felt different as we walked down the cobblestone path as the winds picked up much stronger, we felt surrounded by an alien pressence, we heard loud insect clicks and metal contorting, the winds were so strong they were pushing us around.

We got through it though and made our way down toward his house, as we got closer to the ghetto area it became completely dark.  As we walked into it, there were many people out being loud and partying.  The 4-5 block length is all known for hustlin, so we're walking through it and as we get deeper into it we of course sticking out from everyone else, girls are hollerin as they go by, fiends and trying to get our attention, and of course all of the beasts are around.  We continued on though walking not too fast but with a purpose and saw all of the traps, and places where people had fallen as we moved through.  Most areas like this have cameras now, but not everywhere so we were walking through a pretty unlit place with no cameras, and mad thugs all around us I felt all of their energy as well and as we walked I kept hearing shot callers telling people to let us through, I felt someone crossing the street behind us, so I broke my step and turned around and someone called him off.

Eventually we got past it all and to his neighborhood which is nowhere near as bad we chilled up in his house, we both started to see the vortexes again, and I looked over at a candle that had incense burning next to it, as I was watching it was as if the fabric of reality there was being hit and warped by something, we watched some amazing things on the history channel one show showed these researchers from around my area who did testing on the shroud of Turin (the cloth that supposedly covered Jesus, and showed a lot of evidence that the ressurection was a legitimate phenomenon, and then another program right after about the end of times that talked about heaven and hell being on earth and in other dimensions and how everything we see with our waking eyes is basically a hologram. 

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