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I am quiet the stoner, but had never tried another type of drugs.

I am quiet the stoner, but had never tried another type of drugs. I did a lot of research, and decided that shrooms would be an interesting drug to try. My two roommates purchased some, and offered some to me as well. We broke it into an eighth each, and chowed down. It was not a pleasant taste, but it was nowhere near as rancid as I had heard or read. I decided that I wanted to start my trip while playing old school Mario Brothers Nintendo. My roommates started getting the effects pretty quick, but as I played on I felt nothing. But my stomache did begin to hurt, and I was beginning to feel really warm. I turned off the Nintendo and decided to lay down on the couch. We turned on the TV and tried to watch some really crappy show with Lorenzo Llamas in it. I had no clue what was happening on the show, and I was annoyed that my stomache was hurting. My one roommate was really having fun and laughing at stuff. He turned on some Pink Floyd, which was upsetting for my other roommate and I-- not good trip music, it's too upsetting. My other upset roommate was feeling pretty bad. She got up and puked, and said she wanted to go to bed, and wanted the trip to be over. I told her that she was safe, and that all she could do was ride it out. It was then that I began to feel really cold, and still pretty sick to my stomache, but I took the advice I had given to my roommate, and decided to try to enjoy or observe whatever the drug/experience might teach me. I went to the bathroom, and noticed that the walls looked to be alive, like aging skin. The bathroom looked really ugly, like some urban and gritty drug world. I decided that this was an ugly place to trip and I returned to the living room. I wrapped my entire body in blankets because I was getting really cold. I felt like I was in a cocoon. My other roommate was claiming to be an animal and was running around the house in pure joy and amusement. As I watched tv, I began to notice that there was a weird green overlay to everything. I then noticed that they couch I was laying on was beautiful-- the flowers were moving and growing. I showed this to my happy roommate and he was amused. I then decided to stare at the walls and the cabinets in our family room. They were also very pretty. The wood was alive, and swirled with gold. The color and tone of the cabinets were shifting as if they were representing the seasons of the year. They were also changing shape and size. Every time my happy roommate tried to talk to me I would say "cabinets..." and he would look at them, but was not as impressed. My other roommate was still not enjoying her time, and she got sick again.
My happy roommate noticed a weird sound coming from my room, he wandered in, then came back to me and told met that my desk was shaking and making wierd noises. I was now in tune with the effects of the drug, and felt that I could intereact instead of watching. I hadn't told him this before, but I figured now was as good as others: I had bought a pet hamster two weeks before and had kept it a secret because I knew that he hated hamsters. Both of my roommates where really really amused by this, and this was a turnign point for my sick roommate. I then decided to emerge from the blankets I was wrapped in. I did this shreiking "I am Mothra! Fwa fwaaa!" Both of my roomates thought that was hysterical, and I told my sick roommate that she was sick because she had to give birth to me. My friend changed the music to Jamiraquoi (sp?) which was much better. We put the didgeri (sp?) song on continous loop. It felt very primordial. We noticed that the carpet was beatiful and we rolled around on it. Then we decided to go to my room and roll on the shag rug I had. We laughed and talked about how much we liked eachother. We named the hamster Geranium, and the roommate I though would hate her watched her through the cage and told me that he liked her very much. We looked through some Rolling Stone and were amazed at how beautiful and alive some of the pics looked. Then we hung out in the bathroom and talked about how it was not so bad... then we hung out in the room of the roommate that had been feeling sick, but was now really enjoying herself. We stared at her light and talked about how pretty it was and everything. Then we went to the bathroom and made a bubble bath for our feet. It felt really luxerious. That overall was my trip, though I regretfully left some out. Overall, I really enjoyed it, but would only recommend it to people who researched the drug and are sure that they are ready for it's effects. I think knowing somewhat what to expect made my trip a lot smoother than my sick roommates. And other than the initial stomache ache, I really enjoyed it. Beautiful. A definate roommate bonding experience.

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