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Blair Witch

A bunch of friends and I decided to trip.

A bunch of friends and I decided to trip...We picked about 3-4 pounds of blue ringers and liberty caps, and went out to the woods...Bad idea.

We cooked up the shrooms for an hour over a camp fire, in a nylon...

About 20 minutes after we took three cups of our shroom/cocoa tea, we started feeling the affects...

Laying on a blanket, looking into the sky- there were twigs everywhere, they started reaching down onto us, and we swear we felt them on our bare skin, scratching away...

We were camped out by a river, and there were woods surronding us from every side...

All of a sudden we all heard screams from nowhere, but everywhere.

I got a preety nice visual along with the whole body high.

We started freaking out, running wild out into the woods, trying to find where these screams where coming from. One of the guys had an ax for our safety, and he cut down about four little trees, thinking they were trying to kill him.

This trip lasted until dawn, and by then, we were so tired, so we went home.

That whole week we kept going back to 'the spot', but never conquered the blair witch screams again.

My friends and I dedicated that spot for shrooming...left a pot to cook them in, nylons, cocoa, wood for a fire, and i lost my alarm clock out there too... I also went back recently and spray painted the trees all trippy...bright colors and stuff... Whata trip!

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