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First DMT Dose


N,N-dimethyltryptamine. WOW. After my first experience I am just blown away. NatureBoy thank you so much for posting your STB tek. You truly have done your part!!!

A little background first. I used powdered mimosa with the STB tek. The first precipitation that produced a lot of yellow oils was the first one I tried a recrystallization on. The result was nearly consistently white. This was the batch I would try. My college friends and I were somewhat overwhelmed by the idea of smoking the “psychedelic canon”, I however, knew the right time would come. I had about 60 mgs of product from the batch I had recrystallized. Since I had previously read that 30 pure mgs would probably get a breakthrough, I planned on splitting it with a friend from high school I had tripped with on several occasions. All of my experience lies with shrooms and salvia (god I hate that drug) as is the same for all of my friends.

My boy ended up blowing me off (who turns down free DMT?), so I was left with a predicament. Do I smoke without a sitter? Should I be concerned about tripping in my parent’s basement? Yada, yada. I called my girlfriend and debated it with her. We concluded the short duration made it safe. I was still unsure.

Feeling a moderate level of anxiety, I split my crystals in half, and loaded up my pipe. When I was done, I paused momentarily to consider what I was about to do and I thought fuck being intimidated by this drug! Before I had a chance to even think about it, I had lighter in hand and pipe in mouth.

I spent several hours reading threads about the harshness of the smoke and the best ways to avoid not being able to handle the smoke. So, being cautious, I gently applied flame to the bulb until I saw the smoke. Being frightened of the dreaded coughed hit, I took what seemed to be a moderate hit, waving the flame on and off the bulb. After I inhaled I realized that the smoke was very manageable and easy to hold. I couldn’t believe the amount of smoke I blew out after about 10-15 seconds! I had barely taken a breath before I was hitting the pipe a second time.

As I inhaled the second, final hit, I began to notice the concrete floor was beginning to swirl with patterns that, while familiar from psilocin, were noticeably more detailed and intricate. I immediately felt at home, even somewhat euphoric. My anxiety was completely gone. I don’t quite remember if vapors had stopped being produced or I just quit hitting it, but I put down my pipe and was quickly enveloped in the psychedelic experience. Right when the trip started to intensify, I remembered I was holding in a hit. I was so absorbed in the experience I had forgotten to exhale! After exhalation I looked around me, noticing that the several wooden objects around me were breathing and the brown color of the wood had brightened so intensely, it was just spectacular, beautiful, mesmerizing. Suddenly the wood grew too intense; I had to close my eyes. Now my mind became the focus as the trip adjusted to the darkness. The anxiety I had felt earlier was manifesting its thoughts very interestingly. All the issues I had been concerned about, the harshness and just plain inexperience with this particular drug, were blowing through my mind, but instead of worrying me, my brain was automatically laughing them off almost. It was as if my trip became imbued with all of my preconceived notions and my brain was systematically analyzing them and dismissing them, all in the most mundane, happy manner. I began to think about whether or not I would “breakthrough”. I opened my eyes whilst looking towards the floor. The patterns were amazing, but I immediately knew that if my guide was coming, he would be hiding behind my eyelids, so that is where I focused my search.

Unfortunately, I did not get to peak behind the veil this time, and I also don’t quite remember what the visuals were like with closed eyes. Perhaps they never made defined, understandable shapes or whatnot. Perhaps it was because my mind was VERY active, constantly analyzing this new experience, never quite giving in to the trip. Perhaps my dose was a smidge low. I really don’t know. I do have every intention of figuring it out through trial and error though!

As I came down I opened my eyes to find that the patterns were still very beautiful. As the effects faded quickly I couldn’t help thinking I’d hit the mother lode and I deeply fell in love with this amazing chemical. I wondered around the basement pondering the imponderable. Things such as brain chemistry, consciousness, DMT’s structural relationship to serotonin, and how I was simply blown away by the experience.   I called my girlfriend to relate how awe inspiring yet gentle this previously frightening drug really was. Then I decided to write my first trip report.

Now I can’t decide whether or not to smoke the other half!

Peace - dill705


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