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Into the cosmic jungle

1.7g In one big cap

So, me and a friend of mine planned a day out for tripping. We went down to this river near us to enjoy a nice trip in the day time. It was an incredibly beautiful day, partly cloudly and sunny. We ate our mushies and waited for them to take hold. ?After an hour had passed, I still had no effects. Mushies usually hit me pretty fast, 30-45 mins tops. So we smoked a bowl to see if that would help " kick in " the effects. About 30 minutes later, I still couldn't feel a thing. Feeling a little bit frustrated, I stared at the sky and tried to let myself drift, to hopefully coax the effects on, which eventually they did. At first, I noticed the clouds looked incredibly close to Earth, as if I could reach out and touch them. They began to look really 3-D like. Then, without any warning, all the clouds in the sky turned into figures and started flying at me. My trip had finally started. My friend and I had to leave now however, so we started walking back to our car. While I was walking I got these incredibly weird out of body sensations. I felt like my body had several dimensions to it that couldn't be seen in the physical world, but that I could now sense. The best way I can describe how this dimension looked was that my entire being was made up of stained glass, and was floating somewhere near me. Then I got something else really weird, I kept feeling like other "people" were grafting their face with mine. I say people, because I don't know what else to call them. I couldn't see them, but I could feel them, and I could kind of picture the faces that were being fused with mine, although it's very hard to describe them, so I'll just leave it at that. Then I started looking at certain patterns I saw and wondering " What they sounded like " and I actually heard the sounds! I heard what many different shapes and patterns sounded like, clear as if it was right in my ear. It's really hard to describe how this process happened, I don't even fully understand it really. Anyways, now we were at our car. My friend dropped me off at my house, and for some reason, that's when my shrooms decided to go into full effect. I sat down at my computer feeling a bit weird. Not bad, just really strange. My body load had become really uncomfortable at this point. I began to stare at my computer keyboard, and that's when the trip became intense. I have one of those oldschool grey office keyboards from the 90's, to help you picture it better. Anyways, all the keys began to space out from each other really far, until it looked like they were just floating grey blocks in a void of nothing. The blocks began to drift farther away from me, and they looked like they were forming some kind of ruinic structure. I closed my eyes, and then began to have intense visions. At first, I simply felt like I was entering a big vast open space. Then this space began to form into what looked like a jungle from another world. I began to enter this place, and when I did, I started seeing all these really weird creatures. They moved by so fast it's hard to remember them all, but I will describe a few that I can recollect enough of. The first one I saw was a long slender creature, ?whos head was in the shape of some kind of rounded off triangle. On top of it's head were several eyes, between 30-40 I'd guess. The eyes were a deep purple, and they began to blink at me very fast. After this I went deeper into the jungle and saw yet another creature. This one looked like those underwater tube worms. It's size was pretty big in comparison to how big I felt in this place. It was dark purple, but at the end of the " tube " instead of there just being a hole, it was filled with lots of sharp teeth. Around what appeared to be its " neck " was a thick coating of fur, also purple. Now after this encounter, and a few others, I began to rise out of this jungle, into a higher plane in the universe I was percieving. I felt like I was part of this infinite grid that connected the entire universe together, as if I had entered the very clockworks of existance. I morphed with this place, and became one with everything. Again, I opened my eyes, and came out of this deep trance I was in. My body load was really bad now, so I went to go lay down in bed. After laying in bed and closing my eyes again, I began to drift back into the visions. I saw the entire universe as if it was being poured like a liquid out of some container I could not see. The universe was cradled in the tentacles of a massive purple octupus that seemed bigger than anything I've ever imagined. Then I began to see incredibly complex structures forming out of a material I can't explain. It looked as if the material was some kind of ?tangible light, like if light were a solid. Then everything began to dissolve, and I entered a place completely different than our perception of reality. I really can't describe this place very well, so like many things in this trip report, just take my word for it when I say I can't explain it. I opened my eyes again and looked around my bed. The blanket folds began to morph and wave, and then looked as if they were sand dunes and my bed was a vast desert. I watched the waves move around for a while, then stood up and went back to my computer. I was getting dehydrated, so I reached for my watter bottle. The water bottle was about half empty, and on the inside had many little beads of water sticking to the sides. Then the beads of water began to move to the outside of the bottle, and drip down! The whole bottle looked as if it were melting in slow motion. I took a drink from my melting bottle and looked around my room. My vision had become really distorted, my floor wiggled and stretched, and everything looked as if it were slowed down several frames. About 30 minutes later, my trip began to decline, and I came back to reality a bit more. One of the major themes in this trip was that it did NOT feel like a state of mind. It felt entirely like I was in other place until I opened my eyes.?

I'm not sure why exactly I trip so hard off so little shrooms, but from what I've learned from hanging out with people who trip is that everyone reacts to it differently, even at high doses. One of my friends has eaten an 8th several times, getting barely a fraction of the effects I have. Another friend doesn't hardly get anything out of shrooming, he's never even gotten visuals! I think a large part of it is mindset. And I don't mean the mindset going IN to the trip, I mean your mindset in general. If you understand that anything is possible, and you aren't afraid to let your mind go to these places, ?then I believe your mind will take you out much farther than someone who's scared to let go. Another thing, I didn't think about ANY of this stuff prior to my trip. This all just happened, and I had no idea it was going to be this intense and deep, so it isn't even as if I'd meditated on having something this profund happen to me. In fact, the trip was spur of the moment, we planned it the night before pretty much. I plan on taking a larger dose some day, ( Most I've taken is 2.0 ) but for now, 1.7 seems to take me plenty far out of my head. Happy tripping everyone, and remember, anything is possible.

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