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The Magic of Shrooms

My 4th time and it's still better than ever.

I don't know why but during my first trip, someone, I have no idea who, was whispering in my mind. He told me that he will give me a unique trait. He said that no matter what happens or where I am at during my trips, I will never have a bad trip. So far, I haven't had one. I thought I was having a bad trip during my 3rd trip because I was feeling scared and I felt like I was trapped. But, all of a sudden, I just looked at the ceiling and everything became alive. I was crying and happy at the same time.

OK, now I go to my 4th trip. It was 10 am. I was in my dorm room and a friend of mine was there to be my sitter. I ground 3.5 shrooms. I poured 2.5 grams in my chicken noodle soup and it tasted like shit. I had this awful feeling in my stomach and I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I thought I just wasted the shrooms I ate. Oh my god. I was mistaken. Right after I threw up, I looked at the wall and it began to melt. I got scared as shit and went back to my room. 

My bed is next to the window so I had a very nice view of the outside. I sat on my bed and just stared at the campus ground. I can't explain it but when I looked at the campus ground, it looked like a moving water color painting. Very colorful and seeing people move was exciting. After that, I had a good talk with my subconsciousness. He told me that everything is connected and that people are stupid. He kept telling me that our ego bounds us to this world. Right when he told me that everything was connected, I felt this weird feeling in my head. I can't explain it but the closest thing I got is it felt like a weird bump inside my head. 

I remembered that I still had a gram of shrooms. I always throw up when I eat straight shrooms but this time, I just closed my eyes and I slowly ate all the powdered shrooms. It tasted like fucking heaven. After eating the shrooms, I had a close-eyed visual of something. It was red and shiny. It looked like the sun and it was alive. It was speaking a language unknown to me but for some reason, I understood it. I don't remember what it said but I followed it. We walked for a while and it told me look down. When I looked down, I realized that I was standing in a cloud. I slowly walked to the edge to see what was underneath me. I saw the earth. I saw every living thing and what they were doing. Out of nowhere, I felt tears slowly sliding down in my face. I was crying. 

The weird entity told me that there is something out there after reality. It told me that reality is the first stage and there's 4 more stages that will occur after I die. It also told me that everything that I own won't matter when I leave my life. All that mattered was what I do during this stage. I asked,  "Do I have to be a good person to be able to go to the second stage?" It told me that even when I do bad things, even kill people, it will matter but not in a bad way. It told me that there is balance in the universe between Chaos and Harmony. No matter what we do, everything will still be in a state of equilibrium. I was just dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say. 

It proceeded to tell me that after I've done all 5 stages, I will be part of the universe. It also told me that the everything was an endless loop. I had no idea what the fuck that meant. I'm sorry to tell you but, I didn't remember anything after that. I just woke up and the trip was over. I know it told me a very important information but I just can't remember it. All I felt was happiness and I couldn't stop listening to the "Ganja Babe" song. Seriously. I listened to the song the whole day and the day after. I didn't like the song as much as this before tripping. Now, it sounds so perfect to my ears.

P.S. I think shrooms is one of the most wonderful thing I have ever done. I found more about myself and the universe. I started to appreciate all the little things in my life.

Thank you. 

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