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First LSA Trip

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

I have been meaning to delve into the world of psychedelics for some time. Previously I'd only taken some extremely disapointingly weak liberty caps and weed so I looked into other entheogens. I went down to the local legal high shop and bought 30 seeds for a tenner. It was Saturday night and there was nothing going on and I really wanted to try my first acid trip. I knew that cold water extraction was the most effective way and would cause the least amount of nausea but realised I didn't have any mineral water and the chlorine in tap water kills the LSA so I crushed up 5 seeds (as I thought this would be a weak dose for a first timer) and sucked them underneath my tongue for 15 minutes before swallowing them. The first hour was normal and I decided to watch a panel comedy show called 8 out of 10 cats (I live in the UK) while waiting for the effects. At around 8pm the effects kicked in and I started to notice the shows colourful set brighten and swirl with colour, the jokes started to become really funny too and I began laughing at mostly anything. I was really happy and decided to take a walk down to the local shop. I picked up a couple of cans of fanta and returned to the house. I was properly tripping by this time and I was taking a gulp of fanta, leaving it in my mouth and the fizz would fill my whole body and then I would swallow which would sent an intense buzz through my mind - although pointless this was the best part of the trip, it was like an orgasm everytime I swallowed. I did some drawing and watch some more TV before deciding to go to bed at around 12.30am. This was the peak of my trip and it was amazing, I kept gripping the sheets tight and grasping my tongue with my hands, it felt so good and I began going into a loop of saying 'this feels so good, this feels so fucking good!', this lasted around an hour and in the darkness all these visuals were flying around my mind - I was way out of my depth. I can't remember if I fell asleep but it suddenly seemed as if I was half asleep, half awake and couldn't wake up, I started to freak. The nausea from the seeds started to really kick in after being quite tame for the beginning of the trip, everything got really hot and I was sweating tons. At this point I lost all understanding of time and began to think I had died as everytime I looked at the clock it seemed to move backwards and forwards and I couldn't workout how much time had passed. The nausea was incredibly bad now and I thought I had gone to hell, thinking about all the people in my life and I was terrified I would never see them again. I got up and looked out the window and it was pitch black which made me think I was in some kind of container and I was trapped in my room for eternity. I decided to go for a shower (my room has a bathroom connected) as I thought this would waken me up and on the glass door with the steam I wrote 'please give my life back' which I later discovered in the morning - kinda freaked me out that I couldn't remember writting this. This didn't help however so I decided I needed to get the stuff out my system. I stucked my hand as far down my throat as I could (this felt so weird when tripping as it felt as if my throat was a mile long) and I tickled hard. Instanly I threw up into the toilet and it was such I good feeling as if I had stopped drowing. I was still quite high and wasn't sure whether I was still alive but climbed back into bed hoping to get some sleep. I woke up around 8am and when I finally realised I was OK I was extatic. I was still tripping though and the feeling lasted until around 2pm in the afternoon, around 16 hours!

This was my first real trip with acid and I am shocked that they can sell this stuff to anyone, even children but although it was a horrible experience I'm not going to give up psychedelics especially as I know I'll be able to control the trip much better next time. Cheers guys

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