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First Trip in Mountains

Very happy, Emotional, and fun with friends! Good visuals!

My freshman year in college got kind of nuts with trying new drugs. My only experience with tripping was with LSD and it was not good. I did it with 4 friends on campus, at night, in the winter. This sucked cause I was paranoid about getting caught and wanted to go outside but it was dark and cold so I was stuck in a room. Anyway, about a month later my friends got some shrooms but I did not want to go through with it and get all paranoid again so I did not do it. Then the following summer my friends started growing shrooms and told me about this site where I started reading these trip reports. Soon I got excited and ordered some spores and started growing. 8 weeks later I had 17g of B+ that were all mine!

Setting In
So me and my friend Tyler (name was changed for protection) met up at a local park so we could start trippin. We were both so excited though, we forgot to bring a scale so we went to another kid's house to use his scale. This was really funny cause I never met the kid but we just showed up and asked if we could use his scale. Then we didnt even tell him we were weighing shrooms until he got it out! ha ha So we each measure out 2.5g (i took 2.7g) and drive off to quiznos to show down. By the way, the kids scale we used was cool cause he was an artist and an experience tripper so he had huge (like 3' by 7') painting EVERYWHERE in his house! very cool! Anyway, Tyler and I are quiznos and we just order and so we get our subs, eat half of them, munch our shrooms (out of a portion cups, ha ha) then finish up our sandwhiches to cover the taste. About 30 minutes later, my friend Zach (name also changed) shows up to drive us where ever we wanted to go. What a great friend. First we walked over to a supermarket just to walk up and down the isles... This was a bad idea because the shrooms were starting to take effect and tyler and I were cracking up at everything! people were starting to stare so we left the store and got into the car and drove away.

The Hill
So now I was in the car and my body was feeling very light and floaty and really cool. Driving the car was ok, but i was not really tripping yet, I was just laughing at everything and running my hands through my hair and stuff. Tyler was starting to trip by now and kept talking about how the Honda Element we were riding in looked like a space ship! ha ha... that made me laugh more. So we arrive at a place called "the hill" and if you have ever been to Boulder, Colorado then you know what I am talking about. This place is like all the little college shops and head shops and stuff right next to campus (CU, Boulder) and there is a lot of people here.
         By now the visuals were starting to kick in and me and my friend kept telling zach how we could not understand how the buildings were not falling over because their walls were all curving and such. Very cool. My friend Zach was starting to get a little jealous and wanted to trip also but was afraid of taking shrooms so we went to a headshop to try and find him some salvia. This was good to walk around but Tyler and I did not want to go into a headshop tripping cause those people would deffinately know! ha ha so we stood outside and I said one of the funniest things ever. While we were waiting for my friend to come out, I would kick some snow off the grass onto the sidewalk and tell tyler "dude.... watch this snow melt!!!!" and at that point our friend zach walked out and looked at me like "wtf... did you hear what you just said?" He did not have enough money to buy salvia so we left to go to my friend tyler's apartment in a near by town.

The Drive
This was probably the best part of the trip for me because we all hopped into the "spaceship" that was really just a honda element and drove for 30 minutes to Golden, Colorado. It was very beautiful driving right along the mountains that were lightly dusted in snow and kalydascope patterns were appearing everywhere!!! We were also listening to MGMT which was so awesome! I kept feeling very connected to each individual peak but then we would get farther and farther away from it and I would get sad but then there would be a new peak and I would quickly forget the old peak and feel very happy towards the new mountain peak. This part was super emotional.... Then I saw this huge rock face/cliff and it was awesome. I looked at it the next day and it was very blan and grey with very light red tinges in it.... but while i was tripping it looked like a beautiful watercolor and this huge rack face and it was moving and kind of dancing with my thoughts.... very cool! anyways... then we arrived at my friend tyler's place....

The Visuals
This part ind of sucked cause it was winter and I kept wanting to look at the mountains so I would stand outside and just stand and stare at the mountains for like 10 minutes... then go inside for ten minutes.. then remember the mountains and go outside for ten minutes.... I probably went in and out 5 times! ha ha it was just to cold outside to stay out there. But inside visuals were going insane! Like I was having problems walking down the halls cause I kept thinking they were collapsing on me! ha ha And in the bathroom there was a huge poster of this girl above the toilet and she was naked and looking over her shoulder so you just see her ass... but this was great cause her cheeks kept wiggling back and forth! very fun to watch. Also in the kitchen my friend had a poster of albert einstein with his tongue sticking out and I was looking at it and he kept sneaking his tongue in his mouth and spitting it back out again when I would look at him. Also we had some cinamin rolls from pizza hut and we heated them up and that was fun to watch. This place was great cause there was tons of posters or alice and wonderland and such which was fun to consider. Also I was listening to my ipod while my friend were watching TV and I was in a dark room trying to decide what I was going to listen to next and my friends heard me talking to myself, cause I was thinking out loud about what i would listen to next, and they burst through the door laughing cause they thought I was just talking to myself.... which i guess i kind of was... w/e lol

The Decent
As I started to come down I started to get very sad because I was leaving this wonderful happy place, but that was all made better when we watched like 4 episodes or South Park, including the entire 3-episode "Imagination Land" saga! That was cool. I was getting very tired and feeling exhuasted  at this point, but at the end of the last episode tyler and I both sat up and looked around at nearly the same time... very weird.... but at this point I felt 100% back to normal and not tired.... I felt like I had just woken up from 4 hour nap. From here we all piled back into the car and drove back to boulder where I hoped in my car and drove home perfectly normal

Tips and Comments
You might be wondering what I did with my remaining 12g..... well I took anoth 2.5g by myself 2 weeks later.... tripping with people is way more fun.... then I gave the last 9g to some other good friends for free and drove them all around and watched them have a good time! Shrooms are great!

Dont trip in winter... cause it is cold and you will want to be outside!

Only trip if you want to... like when I was unsure with LSD I had a bad time, but on this trip I was so excited that even when my friend tyler threw up I was still super happy and not scared at all

Also I get very lucky cause I did not get sick, but read tips on how to avoid this cause it sucked for my friend tyler

Very fun.... cant wait to trip a lot harder (3.5-4g)  and see life, and auras, and entities and cool stuff like that. Growing some Golden Teachers right now, I cant wait till they are done!

(sorry for spelling issues.... lol)

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