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A Very Scary, Bad Trip

and how it happened

One summer, I happened to have access to a large amount of mushrooms. I had bought an ounce of Psilocybe cyanescens   shrooms, and my friends and I had already done quite a bit of them. The week this happened, I had tripped on wedensday. Friday, I decided I was going to do them again. I ate what I estimated to be 1/2 of an eigth of an oz. I also had some Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms that I had bought at a music festival, they were huge and mostly caps. I ate the same amount of those type as well.

The night started, everything was fine, but then I got in a fight with my boyfriend of the time. We argued about pointless things, and he left for a while. At this point I started to see what looked like pastel-rainbow colored electrical currents running through the air sporadically.  At one point it formed what looked like a butterfly, it was really rather pretty. My boyfriend and I made up (he had only eaten a few caps, and was not tripping yet) and his friend came over and ate about the same amount of mushrooms as me--only the cyanescens though. The three of us walked to another good friend's house where a party was. We started hanging out and I overheard some strange coversation between some people I didn't know very well. One of them, a short dark-haired guy, started to creep me out a lot. He was discussing how he had the hook-ups to get illegal animals as pets, like koalas and stuff. This upset me quite a bit, and I abruptly left the party and returned home. My trip was starting to get intense at this point, and my boyfriend and his friend came home with me. We were sitting in my room, I was seeing the electrical currents again and my phone was ringing. I couldn't recognize the number and I also couldn't figure out how to work the phone. I just shoved it away, and then all of a sudden my memory disparaged. I realized I didn't know what day it was. And then, as I thought about that--i realized I couldn't remember the days of the week. I realized I must of suffered some permanent brain damage from the mushrooms or something and i now had amnesia. (i didn't really, it was only temporary, but it scared me very badly) I couldn't remember the names of many things, and I ran into the bathroom for some reason. there was a wallsized mirror in there (the bathroom wasn't very big though) and I sat on the floor looking at myself in the mirror. My hair appeared to be moving like snakes. I freaked, once again, and curled up in a little ball. I don't know how long I laid there, like I said--time was completely beyond my comprehension. All of a sudden I felt as if I were floating and I saw a strong light coming from the corner of the room. I concluded that I had died.

I somehow managed to get up, sobbing, and went back into the bedroom. My boyfriend was there and asked what was wrong. I looked at the clock but could make no sense of the numbers, and I looked at the lights and they appeared to look like skulls. I started crying harder, unable to speak, and I sincerely thought I had died and gone to hell.

At this point my boyfriend's friend started laughing hysterically--not at me, he was playing solitaire on the computer. He had eaten mushrooms and was tripping, but felt good. He could not stop laughing though, and proceeded to laugh and laugh. It sounded demented to me, and I started bawling harder, which caused him to laugh harder. My boyfriend was caught in the middle of us and didn't know what to do. He somehow concluded that he should put us all in the car and drive us to his friend's house. I'm not sure why, remember, he had eaten about half the amount of mushrooms as us.

I figured--I'm already dead, and in hell, I may as well let this person on drugs drive me somewhere. I got in the car. As we walked towards the car, a drunk group of college kids was standing near their car which was parked next to ours. They heard my bf's friend laughing and thought he was laughing at them, and started to yell things towards him. One girl demanded to know what was so funny. This only made him laugh harder.

We got in the car and drove for about 20 minutes, I started to come down a little bit. It had been several hours since I had originally eaten the mushrooms. I was still tripping, but I realized that I might not be dead. I still thought there was a possibility, up until I went to sleep a few hours later. The next day, my memory had returned and I felt alright--but I don't think I'll ever be the same again.

I think several things led to this terrible, horrifying trip.
1. Tripping more than once in a week is not a good idea
2. Eating two kinds of mushrooms together
3. Being in a bad state of mind--i.e. fighting with my boyfriend
4. Hanging out with people I didn't know very well (at the party we went to)

Letting my bf drive us while tripping was not a good idea either, and I normally wouldn't of done that--I've been tripping other times and would not drive with someone who was on drugs/drunk.

I would say this experienced changed me, but also taught me a lot. I definitely learned what not to do! It makes for a pretty funny story now too, but at the time--it definitely wasn't funny, and I would not ever want to repeat that experience.

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