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Space Vacation

Behold! The power of shrooms!

This is a report I have been meaning to write about for some time now. It takes place on June 15th of 2009...

It began in the year 2008. I have been through a significant amount of psychedelics being 23 years young, I dont feel like listing them all. It wasn't until two years back when I was fucking around on the internet one day and I accidentally came onto a mushroom site much like this one. I then for the first time realized that mushrooms were a part of the scale of psychedelic drugs in the universe and started to do my research in which I did eagerly and thoroughly I felt. Once I found out which species I was looking for and where to find it I trodded out to my local cowfeild in search of the Godgiven magical fungi. This was in the fall of 2008. So I went out to every cowfeild I could think of and the only mushrooms I could find growing out of cow poo did not even remotely resemble the kind that I was looking for originally. Each day I would go to a new cowfeild and I would fail to find any. So I gave up on the idea knowing it was too good to be true.

So Spring of 2009 came along and I thought that maybe the season wasn't quite right for them and decided to go back to one of the local feilds to take a look. I hopped the fence and looked through what seemed to be hundreds of half dry poo patties again with mushrooms in them, just not the kind I was looking for. I was on the way out and I approached an area shaded by some pine trees and I happend to glance down by my feet and notice three dried out cubensis mushrooms. I nearly pissed myself! So I went back to my place and ate two of them after making absolutely sure they were indeed identified correctly. The trip was amazing and my new found love for mushrooms began right then. I went back sometimes up to twice a week and located more and more as the season moved onward. I had problably 15 trips I experienced up until the big one each time ingesting them using different methods and upping the dosage. I found that a mushroom experience was unique in the fact that I never knew what to expect. Anyways, the big day cometh...

June 15th 2009. I went to a friends house and asked him if he wanted to trip on shrooms with me. He said that he hadn't tripped on mushrooms in six years and after a long pause decided what the hay. The plan was to gather the mushies from the field and then come back to his house to trip with he his brother and his wife. I was tired already hadn't been sleeping to well and thought it might be convienent to have another body in the field to help me gather. So I got his brother to tag along whom really knew nothing about picking mushrooms. So I showed him the way and we scavenged through the fields. During this month there was little rain tons humid and dry at the same time with temperatures soaring over 90 degrees. I ended up finding the majority of the already perfectly sun-dried mushrooms. When we came to the last field I heard buddy call out to me. Is this one he asked? I scanned it over with my eyes and at first I was like NO WAY because of a couple of factors. First it was growing in the shade and the cap of the mushroom was nearing 10"wide. Secondly it was not colored exactly like the other ones in the fact that it was mostly white. Even the cap itself had just the slightest brown tinge to it other wise being whitish in color. The peak or nipple of the mushroom had split open almost like it was peeled back in on all sides into four edges. Third the stem of this mushroom was not hollow. Unlike all the others Ive ever picked it was solid meat all the way through. I was about to tell him to chunk it when I noticed that where his thumb was on the stalk there was a SOLID black thumbprint left. I inspected it further with smell what patty it came from it's veil and more staining. Finally I decided this was the most monster of a mushroom I had ever seen in my life! By itself I would say it weighed a whopping 2 ounces easily whilst completely dry. So we drove back to friends to boil them up. I diced all of the contents up into a pile and added it to water stirring constantly. I did this for around twenty minutes on a very low boil until the water turned from a brownish to a purplish color and eventually to a thick black color. Since there were four of us tripping including myself I was worried that we didn't have enough to trip. After 30 minutes I realized that the brew was done and we let it cool. We each got a glass and squeezed a half a lemon into it to cancel out the disgustingness of the mushroom water. I poured no more than a cup full of the stuff into a glass. I drank the next to the smallest amount out of the group. My friends brother A who had never done anything besides smoke reffer before got a huge gas station cup full drinking the most out of everyone. Everybody chugged there glass and everyone nearly puked! I'd had strong tasting shroom brews before but this one was uber narsty.

We all retreated outdoors. It was nightime and there was a beautiful lighting storm that was hiding a full moon. I love tripping on a full moon night. We walked behind there house where there is a giant opening or field like area. The lightning was dancing around the sky and it was gorgeous. This was around ten minutes after we ingested. I noticed that out of all the times before this was the most rapid comeup I'd ever had. I have never been nauseous on mushrooms but during those few moments I felt a pretty intesnse urge to purge. I dealt with it and the next thing I know I have a grin death can't wipe off. Even F (A's bro) who had done mushrooms many many times before was like wowd by the intesnse comeup. I remember waving my hand around when the lightning would strike and I could see my hand light up in frames. This is where things started to get a little outa hand. The lightning got closer so we all decided to go back in the house and listen to music and chill. The thing was these mushrooms had everything on the agenda to do except for chill out. Everybody walked with an extra pep in there step and as soon as I stepped back into the kitchen where the experiment took place I was tripping hard. Which kinda worried me since it was only around the 15-20 minute mark. I marched back with the rest of them to one of the rooms with the giant speaker system and F put in some techno cd. I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes. I was seeing all sorts of lavenderish type patterns hit me in the face. It was quite intricate but harldy delicate they were coming from everywhere at thousands of miles per hour. Then the cd player came on and the bass hit and everyone of them turned color and shaped and came only at the speed of the bass. I started to feel woosy during this time. Everyone was obviously fucked up with that look of insanity their eyes that only mushrooms seem to give to people. I started to talk to T who is F's girl and she shot back into the wall like 50 feet. I looked at the time on the clock even though it was getting hard to see things as they were and realized that I'd just taken them like 25 minutes before! This did worry me because I was already at a which is the farthest I'd ever been and was even comfortable with going on shrooms. My emotional state was sarting to become wishywashy and I was getting to where it was taking a good deal of effort comunicating with others. I told the crew that I was ok but I was going to go lay down on the couch in the living room and enjoy myself. I tried to stand up but it was extremely difficult as my coordination was thrown of a little and I more or less stumbeld to the couch. Everyone else was having an amazing dude I heard F yell these shrooms are some fucking headbusters man! Yeah thats what it was beggining to feel like they were doing to me. Trying to bust my head open. I layed down on the couch and began to get an extremely cold feeling spread over my body. Although I knew that I was not in fact cold it's just what my poisioned brain percieved it to be at the time. I started to shake uncontrollably. Mentally I was already at a . Higher than I'd ever been before and panick starterd to spread through my body. I couldn't think for shit anymore. At this point I managed call to T to tell her that I wasn't feeling so good. She quickly sobored down also she had drank the least amount out of all of us because she had never done them before she had a little tea cup full. I lay on the couch shaking with her rubbing my head saying it would be alright and that it would pass before I knew it. Now a lotta people claim they get little to no visual aid at all from mushrooms. Well I wanna know what kind they're eating. As far as visual goes this was by FAR the most visual trip I've ever had. It made acid which I have eaten on quite a few occasions seem like gingerbeer. I gaze up at T and instantly her hair starts growing long and grey and her face changes color while growing worts at the same time. I must have looked horrified because T kinda stopped in midsentence. But I couldn't say anything back all I could say was uhn uh. I began to get a low humming sound that filled my ears. I was dizzy and started to think that I was gonna faint. Then I began to get angry at myself for not being able to handle it because I knew that we had picked the right kind of mushroom. This all happened within the first hour. Then only a minute or two later I was able to I was able to think clearly and focus on things again. I told T that I was ok and that I wanted to get up wand walk around and enjoy things. When I stood up I looked around and everything was molded from clay and moving rapidly back and forth and up and down. I knew at that point that I understood what tripping out really was. The house that I was in before was replaced instantaneously with a house that was now alive! The long hallway to the bedroom was contorting and I had to walk down it with caution and placing my hands on each wall so I wasn't walking sideways or on the wall itself so to say. But instead of being frightend and confused I was now peaceful and euphoric as I have ever been. I plopped down beside the bed with the others. Whenever they talked it was muted as if it was far away and everything was happening so fast. I turned to F and told him that I had never before tripped like this and it was absolutely beautiful. As I said that it was not the voice of my own coming from me. It sounded different and I cannot really explain how. F said that while I was freaking out he was talking to his dog General and actually carried on a conversation. I did not ask him what the dog said and was sure that I didn't want to know since the dog and I don't have a great relationship. A was nowhere to be seen (later found him in the dark talking to a bible). F said that this was one of the best trips he'd ever experienced on mushrooms and thanked me again and again as he walked into the bathroom to pee in the sink. It was then I realized we were all screwed sideways and it wasn't just me experiencing it. I told everyone I was gonna go outside and T decided to go out with me. T looked as if she was a clay model of herself this still astonished me. I opend the front door and just about shut it immediately! I opened it and stuck my head out and became aware that there was dead silence outside. T thought this was funny and neat at the same time and walked out the door in front of me. I followed behind her and I could hear every crunch that my shoes made on the way down the porch steps. The moon lit up the whole world and thats what I felt like that this was the whole world right in front of me. The grass stuck out of the earth like spikes and I could see every detail like I was looking through a magnifying glass. This made me smile and honestly it made me feel like two things. Like I was a God and this was what I created... Or like I was dead and my soul was ouotside of my body. I stepped around to the side of the house this was 2 hours into the trip. The weirdest thing ever happened. I was as tall as the trees around me but shorter than the grass beneath my shoes! Dont know how to explain really any of the events that were happening during the next thirty minutes of this trip. I looked at T and said no worries...We will be normal again soon. This made her laugh and I could tell that she was really having fun her first time on shrooms. I plopped down indian style in the grass and looked up at the full moon. The moon grew a weird looking smiley face which did not frighten or amuse me and was changing colors 100 times a second. The little shed next to me was alive and was expanding and collapsing every second in the blink of an eye. I thought to myself this must be what it's like to go insane! That's the only way I could explain this trip-mentally and visually and physically insane almost like my brain was replaced with a mushroom. I got up to look at other things like my car. I put my hand on it and rolled it around under my fingers like a little toy. I laughed my ass off while doing this. It just felt so insignificant at the time. That's when I apperently went out for a minute again and woke up sitting on the stairs talking to T who said that I began to believe that I was a dinosaur and began to walk around like one. After I knew that I was ok again I began to feel like I was coming down a little bit which was a relief. A roach with a damaged leg came up to the first step spinning in circles beneath our feet. It looked bigger than it was and like the only thing that was actually real in a world that was still made of clay. At the three and a half hour mark we all retreated to the living room where everyone started to tell of their adventures and we all had one of the biggest laughing fits of our lifes. This went on for another hour until we were all completely down and everything was looking normal again. Eventually we grew tired and fell asleep.

The next day I woke up feeling great. No hangover or anything and it all felt like a dream even though it happend only a few hours before I woke up. This was the most hradcore experience I have EVER had on psychedelics! I would love to get like this again but I'm not even sure it's possible lol. BEHOLD! THE POWER OF SHROOMS!

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