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It's A Watery World

3.5 grams

     The title sets the stage for the whole story. First of all, I'm a first year college student, and a new friend of mine introduced me to shrooms a couple months ago, and I absolutely loved it. I had only tried them on that one occasion and have been wanting to try it again since then. The only problem is, I have been having a hard time finding them until recently when a friend finally came through for me, and I obtained seven grams. A good friend of mine had never tried shrooms before and I explained to him how absolutely amazing it is. So naturally after telling him my story of my first trip, I got him excited and we planned to eat them when we were both free. That day turned out to be a monday night. So on monday around 6pm, we met up and tried to decide what to eat them with. It turns out there is a pizza place in our town ranked #4 in the nation, so we decided on some really good pizza. We got the pizza, and went back to his dorm. I split up 3.5grams for both of us, and we casually ate them and talked for a while. We didn't play music for the entire night, and I am somewhat glad because I was able to focus on talking instead of zoning out to some good tunes. The onset took effect about thirty minutes after we finished the pizza. At this point I was really geeked up because my source had told me that these shrooms were much more potent then the ones I had tried previously.
     So once the effects started to really take effect, we both felt adventurous, and decided to go for a walk around campus. We walked all around just talking and hanging out, with no general destination, until the effects really decided to set in. We ended up in the most random spot on campus, where we really started to trip. In a sense, I was trying to be somewhat of a guide for my friend's trip since it was his first time, but I soon realized how hard it actually was to do that once I started really seeing some crazy colors. We kept walking until we came to a campus bus in a parking lot. This was possibly the weirdest experience of the night, because I had definite distortions in the size of everything I was seeing. As I walked past cars in the parking lot, it looked as if I was 3 feet tall and the cars were just absolutely massive! It seemed like an eternity, but after we went through the maze of massive cars, we finally came to the campus bus.
     The bus ride was not a pleasant experience for me, but my friend seemed to be doing fine. I just stayed in my own little world on the bus, where I suddenly got really paranoid and starting thinking that everybody thought I was crazy because I was tripping so hard, yet I had not done anything to get the attention of the other bus riders. The lights in the bus were so overwhelming, and extremely bright, I just wasn't sure how to handle it. The one good thing that came from the bus ride is that we found a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that would be a souvenir for our adventure. After what seemed to be an eternity later, the bus ride finally ended where we went back to my friend's dorm. We decided to chill out there and maybe watch some TV. When we arrived, his roommate was there, who was completely sober, trying to study for midterms at this point. He ended up being the trip sitter for most of the night. The coolest and weirdest part of the night happened as soon as we sat down on his futon and turned on the TV.
     The conversations we had could only be described as absolutely crazy to a sober person, but at the same time everything just made so much sense. It turned out to be a collection of odd observations and funny ones at that. I pulled out some watermelon "bubbly gum" as I had described it, and this turned out to be a great idea. We both just really enjoyed the gum, almost too much. We both took it out of our mouths and looked at it, noted the weird colors and texture of the delicious bubble gum, and then OM NOM NOM right back into our mouths it went.
     My friend kept making the observation that the room seemed interestingly blue, and watery. There were blue things everywhere around the room, and we both decided that blue was a very good color. We both laughed at the idea of the room being so blue, and kept thinking about it. My friend eventually determined we live in a watery world  full of blue, and this was the recurring joke for the rest of the night, where we would continue to tell his roommate we live in a watery world. Its no surprise that drinking water is very refreshing when tripping, and this instance was no exception to that rule. We both drank water, in our watery world, and kept laughing hysterically at how funny everything seemed.
     We decided to watch some TV, and the first thing we came to was Futurama. We were instantly excited to see it, but it turned out to be one of the more boring episodes. However, the TV screen was a source of some crazy visual distortions, where everything looked visually "different" and weird. After watching some Stephen Colbert, making a trip to a Village Pantry for some orange juice, and hanging outside for a few minutes, it was getting pretty late. I finally decided to call it a night and started on my walk back to my place. The walk back alone gave me some time to reflect while I was coming down, and in a way this is one of the most enlightening experiences of the trip for me.
     I felt like in the coming down state, I have the open-mindedness and creative thinking of myself on shrooms, but I also have the somewhat coherent thought processes going on as well. I was able to reflect on my current state of life, where I'm at, what I'm happy about, what I need to change, and what I truly love and appreciate in the world. It is experiences like these that truly make you grow as a person, and I am truly grateful for it.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, it was an amazing night for my second trip, and a truly good experience.

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