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3rd trip was the charm

*neural ecstasy*

   After my first experience ( first trip paranoia under level 2) I was a bit scared of the shrooms and almost gave up, Glad I didn't. The second flush off that single cake was small and I ate them about a week and a half ago and experienced only a mild effect ; sharp colors, enhanced auditory acuity, and a mild body high. Really not much to mention but it did sort of relieve my apprehension about trying again with a bigger dose. Last night the third flush was looking like it was about to dry up on the cake so I ate everything on it, some were just babies.

Physical factors: 
evening after work, still taking Wellbutrin, ginko biloba,and added L-tyrosine 1000 mg a day, also took 200 mg vit C with shrooms. I Ate approximately 1 gram dried  5 grams fresh, small, mushrooms (Ecuador) , the small shrooms were numerous as they were only about half developed. I chewed them up well and swallowed with a few swigs of cold coffee.

much better mood than first try, way less apprehension about the whole thing, overall better prepared. Most importantly I think was the fact i knew about how long it would last and that it would subside if I got fearful.

Ate the shrooms at 6:44 pm, at 7:15 I was coming up hard and pretty fast, I actually had to end a phone conversation with someone who had called because I was getting distracted. By 7:45 I was really going good, but for some reason I got to looking at some porn on the web and got really excited , well, one thing led to another and I "took care of it". It was a very intense  whole body orgasm, I actually felt it up and down my spine. All this time I am seeing geometric designs overlaying objects if I stare just a few seconds (even the porn), things began to swirl also but I could "snap out of it" by an act of will. I decide to follow advice someone gave me as a comment on my first trip report and lie down and listen to music, since my headphones have a short cord I just streamed a classic rock station through my PC speakers.

This is where it gets really amazing, As I lay there in the dark, eyes closed, I start seeing 3d images of my neurons firing in my brain, It was like being at the I-MAX , Very vivid, in color. I could see the axons as well as arteries and veins in silver, red and blue. I suppose it may have been my previous anatomical training that fueled my visions, whatever the case, it was amazing. I could see the vessels and the nerve fibers as they weaved their way through my brain tissue, I could see them pulsate with each heartbeat. It gets even better, as this is happening, wave after wave of ecstatic pulsations flow through my body, while I am watching their effects on my neural circuitry. The feelings were almost orgasmic , I could feel it up and down my spine like I did earlier in the trip with my "manual stimulation". With each wave I could see the neurons firing, I could actually "see" what was making me feel these powerful surges. This went on for about 45 - 60 minutes.......incredible. As these feelings subsided I started seeing flashes of all kinds of stuff, insectoid , astronomical images, childhood images. I had images of me holding one hand on someones forehead and the other on the back of their head and somehow causing an electrical pulse to stimulate their brains in the same way mine was.......just your basic 'far out shit man'.

At about 9:30 I got out of bed, ate some oreos, drank a little Dr Pepper and began analyzing the experience. By 10:30 I was "right as rain". I thought I would go right to sleep because I felt tired but was so awe-struck by the experience I just sat up thinking it over. Didn't sleep till about 2am.

1  The dose was small compared to what I read on here , as was my first dose , I may just be more susceptible to psilocin than the gen. pop.or the ginko may have   moa properties as they suspect.
2  I don't know, but maybe, my porn&wanking was the catalyst for the solid hour of orgasmic ecstasy
3  The l-tyrosine which stimulates the production of dopamine and nor-epinephrine may have played a role in this.
4  I did not try to resist the effects like the first time, I just said "come on, show me something"
5  I have developed a great respect and reverence for this entheogen, I've done lots of drugs and they all left me "wanting", .......this one .......Amazing.

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