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Trippin on Cyanescences in Tacoma, WA

Crazy night

So i went and picked like 800 fully grown Cyanescences from a state park in Tacoma, WA and then hopped the city bus to my friends house. We cleaned up the shrooms, put them in a fruit dehidrator, and while we were waiting for them to dry we both took like 2 extacy pills. while we were trippin on the thizz [for like 9 hours] we checked on the shrooms and they were already dry so we both ate like 50 mushrooms. Ive been doing shrooms for like 6 years so i no how many i can handle usually but my friend had no idea. for like the first 2 hours we couldnt stop laughing, then we went down to the local park by his house to smoke a blunt and it was so weird the sky was like shifting colors for awhile and it felt like time stopped cuz i couldnt feel any wind and no one else was around and it was weird. ok so we are still trippin hard at the park and my grilfriend calls me and tells me i should come over to her place were 3 of my other friends are at lookin for me. so me and my friend go to her house with all my shrooms and when we get there i gave everyone like 30 mushrooms each. thats 30 more for me and my original friend. so we are all in the living room smoking weed and shit watching movies and all of a sudden i couldnt move or talk or even blink it was weird. i felt like i was frozen and if i tried to move id shatter or something. then this guy that was there freaked out and had to get drivin home. so my girlfriend bein the only 1 not on shrooms drives him home. then this other guy goes into the bathroom and is in there for like 2 hours crying. i was sitting in my girls room on her bed watching tarzan the cartoon and i was like glued to the bed i didnt want to move and i just wanted to watch the heads of the cartoons cuz they were like moving all weird and shit. 1 of the girls that was there decided she wanted to take a bath and went in the bathtub fully clothed and played in the water for like a hour. it was crazy we were up like all night at my girls house trippin balls and probably lookin like tweakers. this night made me space out my shrooms trips a little more lol.

we ate them on peanut butter sandwhiches lol

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