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Simply amazing....

I shroomed for the very first time last night.

I shroomed for the very first time last night. I'm so glad I was with a group of people I was comfortable around! It seemed like a while before they hit, but when they did--OH MY GOD! I started off feeling very fuzzy and warm. All of a sudden, people became much more interesting and lights started to swirl. The room appeared slanted and when i closed my eyes, I could see cool colored designs. Every sensation was enhanced--I remember when i was stepping on my friends purse, i felt like i was stepping in a puddle of mud--i have no idea why, but it was cool! At one point, I could see the designs on people's faces. I can't even tell you how cool glow sticks are when it's completely black in the room. The streaks kept messing with my vision!I got the tunnel vision too... Music in the background was flipped around constantly to suit everyone's "needs"---from Chemical Brothers to Tool to Pink Floyd, etc. Looking in the mirror was freaky, I kept thinking my face was puffing out and my hands felt like they were blowing up. I tried to focus on something else because i knew that you can snap out of a bad trip by distraction. This whole trippy experience lasted 6 hours but seriously only felt like a couple of hours--I didn't want it to end! when i looked outside at the parking lot, the lamppost seemed to look like a UFO swooping in. The only thing I didn't like was how certain social situations seemed distorted and how I forgot how to do the simplest things! I noticed too how some people get so agitated over dumb stuff...But, all in all, it was alot of fun and I'm definitely gonna try it again!

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