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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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DMTea Party

Todcasil. Rogue DMT Elf!

I watched her inhale an undetermined amount of the
Dmtspice...  her breathe became labored and she was
quiet for 3or 4 minutes.  "Wow," escaped her lips in a
deep long splash of voice.

She held my hand and I could feel her blood moving
strangely through her.  When she came too, she almost
started to describe it to me.  Then stopped herself
and repeated the palindrome.

After reloading I inhaled mine.  I started to talk but of
course, stopped myself.  The patterns started swirling
at me from every direction.  Gold and green over black
and blue.  Enmeshing me and whorling me about.

I opened my eyes and the room came alive with bright
colors in the darkness.  I tilted my head to the left, the
room tilted to the right.  I moved to the left, the room
moved to the right...  I leaned forward and the room
spilled towards me!  Everything was dancing with every-
thing else.  I laughed and it laughed back.

My hands began to move like butterflies patrolling the
meadow.  "Wow," I said.  What else could I say?  Nothing
else seemed appropriate. 

I got up and started to dance, and then I started spinning
around the room and folded up on the floor smiling and
beaming at AngelIV.  She smiled back.

I loaded another bowl for her and she laid down after
finishing the spice.  I just smiled and watched her as she
writhed on the floor.  Ecstatic.  What beauty was this?
She came too after several minutes, "I remembered this
time," smiling,"I wanted to tell you."

"You're pretty when you trip."

"Thank you."

Thank you...



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