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Small Change on the PF TEK Idea

For Sterile Technique

I started my first grow this evening. I am using Golden Teacher spores from Ralphsters with the PF TEK method.

I have made one small change that I thought might be worth considering to others. Usually the foil is place on top of the lids so that when a syringe is used to inject the spores through the holes in the lid, the foil is quickly removed and then replaced again after. What I did instead was place the foil underneath the holeless lid and sterilized the jars with the lid lightly screwed on top of the foil. Then in inoculation, I unscrewed the lids, leaving the jar still sealed by the foil and injected by penetrating the foil with the syringe and then quickly screwing the lid back on. I think this leaves even less opportunity for infection than the original method and leaves the lids undamaged.

Any comments, suggestions or criticisms?

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