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How to do Coir

The simple way that I prepare coir for bulk mushroom grows

Damion5050's Coir Tek

I have been asked several times how do I prepare my coir, so here is a quick step by step on how I prepare my coir.  I have done it this way about 20-25 times with no contamination's before the 3rd flush.  This is a very elementary tek but it works wonders.

Supplies Needed

1 Brick of Coir
2 Quarts of Verm
5 Quarts of Spawn
A 5 gallon bucket with a lid


For the above recipe I pour 4 or 4.5 quarts of water into a pan or in this case my Pressure Cooker.  I turn the heat up to high and wait for it to boil.


I place 1 brick of coir in a 5 gallon bucket. SIMPLE I know.


Pour 2 quarts of vermiculite into the 5 gallon bucket with the coir.


Take the boiling water off the stove.


Pour the boiling water into the 5 gallon bucket over the coir/verm mix.


Put the lid on the bucket and let it sit for 30-60 minutes.


After the 30-60 minutes you need to come back and stir everything up really well.  Place the lid back on it and let it sit for 2-4 hours.


Time to prepare the mono tub.  I put duct tape over all the holes in the tub.

STEP 9 Part A

After the 2-4 hours I then pour the coir into the mono tub and then test the temperature of the coir.  The temp of the coir needs to be 80-90 degrees before you can add spawn.  If it is to hot then place the lid on the mono tub and let it sit for another 2-4 hours.


STEP 9 Part B

Make sure you leave alittle bit of the coir in the bucket for a top layer.


When the temperature is right get your 5 quarts of spawn, and add it to the coir in the tub


Mix the spawn and the coir up really well.  Try and get the spawn throughout the coir evenly.


Now take that left over coir that was in the bucket and use it to put a top cover layer over the entire surface so that there are no exposed grains.


Now this step is optional but I do it.  I cover the entire tub with a black garbage bag and place it on a shelf of wherever you decide to.  Come back 10 days later and take a look at it and see how far along it is.


After the 10 days you need to check on the tub if it is 100% colonized then you need to put it into fruiting.  I do this by taking off the duct tape and stuffing the holes with polyfill, then introduce light and FAE.

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