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Truskool's Popcorn Playa Tek

Easy peasy popcorn tek with pictures

Ok so I get asked to explain popcorn about once a week.  I don't mind explaining things to ppl and going step by step with them, but 1.  popcorn isn't a very good spawn very few inoculation points and 2.  popcorn can be a bitch to get the moisture right.  So this is how I do popcorn.  The Popcorn Playa tek.  I know I am sure there are 50 teks on popcorn but thought I would write this up for you all.  So next time someone asks me I can just link to this instead of writing this all out once a week.

Ok you need to get the popcorn out and put it in the microwave cause you want to munch on something while your waiting for your wbs or rye to soak. JK (Not really but....)

OK onto the tek times for jokes are done.

You need popcorn

Soak your popcorn for 24 hrs

Simmer for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hrs

After the simmer


The popcorn will still be a little hard but should crack when you push your nail l into it

Lay out some newspaper and put the popcorn on the paper.  Lay the popcorn flat.

Now I roll the popcorn on the newspaper while still hot for like 5-10 mins to try to get some moisture out.  It stays on the newspaper for 2-3 hours and every half hour or so I go and roll it some more.

Now go and load your jars and pc for 1.5 hours.  After the pc there may be a small amount of water on the bottom of the jar.  It happens all the time and have not been able to get it so it doesn't.  It shouldn't matter that much and hasn't for me.

Thoughts?  Suggestions? Comments?

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