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7 GRAMS @ 2AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(My f*cking computer shut off after I was almost done writing the whole 5 page report, lol... but here's the 2nd take lol... Sooo I ate AN ENTIRE QUARTER BY MYSELF at FIU (Florida International University) at 2AM in the morning. I KNOW WHAT EGO-DEATH REALLY IS NOW. Here's the story. So one beautiful chilly night, me and my cousin decided to trip at his dorm at FIU @ 2AM when the campus was empty. So at first I ate only HALF an 8th. And about 20 minutes later, I'm f*ckin feelin like Super Mario and sh*t, like 100 ft tall!!! So I go back at the bag, eat another one.. then another one. Then a couple more. Then a few moreee. By the time I realize it, I HAD EATEN THE ENTIRE F*CKING 7 GRAMS!!! At first, we were just playing The Beatles Rockband, but we soon had to put down the guitars because we couldn't follow the notes anymore. I became so attracted to the trippy visuals in the background lol. So I told him, "Yo wtf are we doing here??? I feel like nature's calling us bro... We have to go on a journey" Ohhhhhh what a journey indeed it f*cking was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we leave his dorm room, and go out onto the campus to explore the beautiful landscape. Let me put it like this: If we would have had a camera, HAROLD & KUMAR WOULD'VE BEEN THE WORST MOVIE EVER compared to this!!!!! Like we ran into so many funny obstacles that we had to overcome... like there was a point where we ended up in this building what we thought was like this psycho-path mental hospital or something (Keep in mind I was listening to Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with my iTouch)... like I LITERALLY thought I had gone mad... I was really insane. I remember I kept asking "I'm not f*cking crazy right? right???". DSOTM, given the right circumstances, can LITERALLY drive somebody INSANE. My cousin kept saying that he felt like 2 years old, and we joked it was because he ate the baby mushrooms.. (possible lol?) Anyways, there was a point in the trip where I thought I had DIED. I was so paranoid thinking that like the 7 grams was wayyy too much & that they had like reproduced inside me and had like hi-jacked my serotonin.. Idk I was trippin ballssssssssssssssssss. But anyways, I had cooled down a little bit after eating some "herbal brownies"... so the trip became fuckin fun as hell again! We ended up lying down at this hill that had these massive trees that we're swaying so beautifully that cold winter night, just gazing up at the AMAZING full moon (listening to DSOTM, lol). After starring at the moon for a while, the swaying trees became like these beautiful purple moving stars... Idk that's the best way I can think of to put it into words =/ But I must input that one of the most magical moments of the ENTIRE trip was Pink Floyd's "Speak to me/Breathe" was at 1:16 secs (when the song starts after the screaming) I had it on full volume, and I actually had an OBE!!! I had chills on every single nanometer of my body, i felt like reborn. I started to cry out of how beautiful I now understand how much life is really worth... I cried tears of appreciation. It was by far the most mind-blowing, spiritual, life-changing experience that I have ever had. Words simply DO NOT do justice. Matter of fact, I'm wasting my time trying to convert that feeling into words. Only my fellow high-dose shroomers can possibly understand what I felt that night. "He who feels it, knows it". There's soooo much stuff I left out, but all I can say is, if you honestly believe you can handle 7 grams (thinking you died, not knowing who or where the f*ck you are, and feeling what it's like to go mad for a few hours)... then by all means, next time you have the opportunity to get your hands on a quarter.. make sure you pack your music device with some Marley, some floyd, Beatles, Hendrix, and anything else that's orgasmic to the ears. One Love

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