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Slammin' Sounds

Slammin' Sounds was my first rave and my first drug experience beyond the ganj.

Slammin' Sounds was my first rave and my first drug experience beyond the ganj. my buddy marc tossed me a gram or so and i ate them in the line stuffed into a beef pattie. seeming as this was my first party, i spent the half hour between dose and trip bummin around and following my friends. it took me a while to get into the party but when the trip came on full force i was doin pretty good. the trip started out with a wierd feeling of detatchment, i stared at everything and my jaw was stapled to the floor. at this point my buddy noa showed up. i saw my buddy laurie coming towards me like she had some exciting news, and then a big dark blob started walking towards me, eventually settling into the shape of my buddy noa. then shit got fucked up, noa's hair transformed into 5mm-wide blue tubes crawling across her head and impossible fractal patters floated across my field of vision. i went with noa down to the jungle room and i started dancing around with her barefoot on the concrete floor of the jungle room with a tranchcoat on. i had the distinct impression that i was being watched but it didn't bother me because a greate sence of wellbeing and love was flowing over my body and i felt more conected to noa then i ever have. when whoever was spinning's set was over, i went back outside to chill with laurie. she was seriously mashy, so we ended up in a big ball talking about how great we (our crew) were to each other. i think it was at this point that i started screaming "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON???" every 5 seconds. earlier that week i had been exposed to new ideas concerning existence, god, and buddhist ideology and they all came out i my trip.it was fucking fulfilling, i had the unioverse laid out in front of me and i could touch my own godliness and the godliness of all my friends. I later discovered that this was all bullshit by reading the amazingly lucid book "The Meme Machine" by Susan Blackmore. but thwe feelings stuck and so did the drive for "truth" and explanation. at this point someone handed me a glowstick. awwww shit, that pretty much killed me. i sat on the cold and uncomfortable concrete bench curled up in a fetal position slowly moving the glowstick across my eyes and moaning as it passed over my good eye (my left is lazy). all in all it was pretty chillin, all night. and i learned alot. the moral of the story? experiment with drugs as much as you do with soberity. an active healthy brai can bring you to as many heights of ecstacy and rapture as all the chemicals in the world. Happy shrooming and keep on truckin!

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