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bad lsd trip


This all happened around 1990, in a small town in georgia. I had a friend back then that was well liked and very popular. One of the main reasons he was so popular, was because he sold LSD and pot. Back then, I guess I was around 17 or so, me and my friends would go to another friend's house and we would all trip in the basment(which was john's bedroom in his grandmother's basement. We use to party down there and get drunk, stoned and of coarse trip. I guess we had done this dozens of times before the night that nearly drove me into a complete psychotic episode.
  My friend josh, that was the dealer and main source of all our drugs, came over I guess around 7 or so and brought a quarter pound of pot and I guess around 20 Hits of LSD. I remember laying this white blotter LSD on the table and him cutting out everyone a single hit. He said,"man, this shit is supposed to be really strong, because when it was made, LSD had spilled over and gotten on one of the corners". Im not sure if that story was true, but sure enough you could see that something had been spilled on the corner of the 20 hit piece. Josh, then took the 2 hits off the corner and ate both hits.The rest of us took one hit a piece.
  About an hour after dosing this acid, Josh got a phone call from his mother and was talking to her on the phone. He hung up the phone and I remember him looking at me with this really helpless look on his face and said" she knows man". ME and john(the guy's whos house we were at)were trying to talk to him and tell him that, his mother infact did not know we were tripping and he was just starting to trip. Josh's little brother was there aswell. I remember siting in the chair and josh got up and said"Ive got to go man, she knows and im not staying here, Im going to my car". His car was parked in the front of the house and he was walking out the backdoor. So, it was apparent that he was having trouble already. Im still sitting in this chair and I remember Josh sitting in the floor in front of all of us and grabbed the ashtray off the coffee table and procedded to dump it on his head and said" COVER ME UP"!!! This is when the shit really hit the fan. He went into this loop screaming shit, where he was yelling and repeating everything he said. At first it was"COVER ME UP"!!! Then it moved to " BLUE,YELLOW,RED,ORANGE,GREEN,PURPLE!!! He yelled these colors in a loop for hours on end, in between other things he would shout out.
    At times he would stop and blow you a kiss and say"I LOVE YOU"!!! But go right back into the loop screaming. He then started yelling, saying" DOGS!!!GREEN DOGS"!!!! THE SOUTH!!! LYNARD SKYNARD!!!LED ZEPPLIN"!!! Even after all these years, so help me god, the things I saw that night, still make me feel mentally uncomfortable, to remember what I saw him go through. He then started yelling about black girls, this guy was known for being racist, and he started yelling" MMMMM...BRING GIRLS, BRING BLACK GIRLS,GREEN DOGS,YELLOW,GREEN,PURPLE,BLUE,ORANGE,THE SOUTH,LYNARD SKYNARD,LED ZEPPLIN,ROOOBBBBBB!!!!!!(his older brother which was not present). He would flip the couch in the air and jump under it, so the couch would land on top of him and was screaming"COVER ME UP!!!! and for some reason" PACK IT BABY,PACK IT IN GOOD"!!! I thought that maybe he was saying" pack it baby, pack it in good" was because before he started flippin out, we were all playing pac man on nintendo.
  So, to be truthful, for the first 2 hours of him doing this, I was laughing my ass off, I thought it was funny at first, cause id never seen anyone act like that. He would jump on the water bed and wrap up in all the blankets in the room screaming to the top of his lungs"OH GOD,OH GOD, COVER ME UP"!!! Now as I was sitting there laughing,my friends were not. They were in a total panic. John tried to jump on him and hold him down. Now mind you, josh was a very small guy, I mean like 120lbs, he threw john across the room and then everyone else started to try and control him. Noone could control him, it was like he had super human strength. He wasnt directing violence towards anyone person, but you could not get ahold of him,cause he was just flipping around the floor and the entire room, screaming the same lines, over and over.
    After a while, john's grandmother came downstairs, as you could imagine. She started asking what the hell he was on and I said" ms.##### I think he's been drinking". She looked at me and said"no, son, I may be old but im not stupid". So, at this time, she tells his younger brother, that he needs to call their parents. We tried every possible way of not calling his parents. At some point in the night, I wasnt laughing anymore and it became a life and death situation. He was completly red  and sweating profusly, from screaming for 5 hours straight. Then his little brother called his parents.BAD IDEA!!! Im sitting there watching him flip out in the floor and all of a sudden his parents come busting through the door and his dad looks straight at me and says"what the fuck is he on"? I said" I dont mr.#### I think he's been drinking". He then looks at me in a very strange way and says" um no, people dont act like that on alcohol". Then his mother comes in screaming" WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU GIVE MY GODDAMN SON"!!! I said" MAAM, I DIDNT GIVE YOUR GODDAMN SON SHIT, HE GAVE IT TO US"!!! Then, I kinda drifted into the back ground, as everyone else was trying to explain.
    This basment was huge and they had a sheet hanging in the middle,(all white trash like), to divide the room into 2 seperate sections. I was holding the dog on the otherside of the sheet, cause he was going nuts and I also wanted to get away from the situation at that point. I remember his dad walked over to him and said"son what are you on"?He asked him this like 5 times, but of coarse josh is just loop screaming over and over. Then his dad, not knowing even what he was on said" I SAW ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT IN THE 60'S AND IM NOT WATCHING IT WITH MY OWN GODDAMN SON"!!!! Then slapped the shit out of josh,so, what did josh do? He snapped out sorta for a second and said" I LOVE YOU DADDY" Then blew him a kiss and went right back into the loop screaming.Well, after this, is parents decided to call the police...yeah, holy shit.
  So, next thing I know, the entire basement is filled with cops. They're asking everyone whats going on and what wrong with josh. The officer looks at me and says" you need to tell us what he's on" I then say" sir, I just got here I have no idea what he's on" He then looks me dead in the eye and says" I can tell each and everyone one of you are on something and you need to tell us what he's on or everyone is going to jail". So then, I hear one of my other friends say" He took 2 hits of acid,sir" I thought holy shit, they're gonna lock us in a black box and throw us into hell.
  It was at this point, that I began to panic. I was on the otherside of the sheet where noone could see me at this point and I went out the backdoor and just stood there. It was quiet once again, but I was tripping so hard, it was the stronest LSD I had ever done, before or since. So, I decide that im going to run through the backyard and just get the hell away from the situation. I took my shirt off, cause it was white and I didnt want them to see me running in the dark. Right as I got ready to run, the cops come busting out the backdoor,with josh,hogtied and gagged!! He's still loop screaming through the gagg and I just froze like a deer in headlights. But the cops just went right by and carried him into the ambulance.
  All of a sudden, everything is quiet. Everyone is visibily and understandably traumatized. We all went and laid down and as I was lying on the couch, I was experiencing the most outrageously powerful psychedelic experience of my life. It wasnt good though, cause I was constanting thinking I was about to suffer the same fate and start going into a loop screaming episode. Luckily, that didnt happen and we ended up ok, but traumatized. So, this LSD would not go away and by the time the sun was coming up, we were all still extremly fucked up. We decided that we need to check on josh and this woman that was there said she would call since we were all still fucked. I was listening to her on the phone and I saw her face turn white as a ghost. She hung up the phone and started crying and said" HE'S DEAD"!!! Now as you can imagine, this bad trip just went to worse. We all jumped in her car and went the hospital, crying and tripping. When we got there, we learned he was infact not dead, but in the psychiatric ward and a patient had answered the phone and told us he was dead. We were so relieved and went in to see him. He was completely spaced out and wasnt saying anything. He had black charcol around his mouth. He later told us that he thought we were all bikers and we were holding him down and sticking needles in him. He also said that we threw him in a hole and was burying him with a tractor. Its been many years since this happened, and even now my heart starts pounding when I think about it. It makes me very uncomfortable to think about the way he was yelling the same shit over and over, thats fucking insanity.

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