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First trip paranoia

fresh shrooms dose wrong

I started with the PF tek (first grow too),Ecuador, had 6 jars, 5 did nothing, one took from Dec 18
(injection) until Feb 3  to harvest about  23 shrooms from the cake, about 15 of these were very small.
The total wet weight for all the shrooms plus about 6-7 aborts was almost 20 grams.

Of course I can't wait so I check the dosage calc on this site and plug in the numbers, since I take
Ginko biloba tablets every day I checked the MOAI inhibitor box even though ginko is only suspected
of acting this way, thank god I checked that box.  The number it spit out was 11.2 g for a level 3 trip,
otherwise it was double that.

My pre trip condition was pretty low, I take anti-depressants, it's been cloudy and raining for 2 days....
For some reason i thought this might help. Oh, yeah I'm alone at my house. Since i have 20 g's I decide to
 split the pile 50/50 and eat 10 grams, I ate the small shrooms and the aborts, on an empty stomach,
chewed them up good and washed them down with a Dr Pepper, all in about 10 minutes.

I sit back and watch Tv a while , flipping back and forth from Saving Silverman to Tommy Boy, after
about 30 minutes my body begins to feel very strange,light and tingly, then sort of numb, and in 15
more minutes the shrooms laid siege to my mind and did not release me for about 4.5 hours. My
first thought was ,"Oh Shit" ,"I took too much". I freaked the fuck out and got very anxious when I
realized I could not organize my thoughts. I was not prepared for the confusion. My phone rang,
 I talked to people and constantly worried that I was repeating myself because it seemed we had
 already had the entire conversation. Time came to a slow crawl, it seemed that i had watched
Tv for hours and I would notice it was only 3 minutes later. The scene in Saving Silverman
where Jack Black was wearing panty hose on his head finally gave me a break from the anxiety
because he resembled a rabbit with the legs of them hanging down like bunny ears, I LOL'ed.

Every thing seemed to be in vivid tech-n-color.
The only visuals i had was the Tv screen seeming to swirl and be more curved  and when I would
stand and look down I felt real tall. There is a deer head on my wall that I think was smiling at me
occasionally and at other times it appeared mad at me. I tried listening to music, but was way too anxious
and found myself wishing it was all over after the 2nd hour. I remember being fearful of how it would be
to become stuck in this state of confusion.

After it was all over I'm very glad I didn't eat all 20 grams (I actually considered it), that would have been disastrous.
While I was tripping I swore I wouldn't do it again, but me thinks a sunny day and a better mood may produce better results.

I just don't understand why the dose calculator was so far off.

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