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First Shroom Trip: Bad Experience

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

First shroom trip: bad experience.

 My name is Kayla and I'm 18. The type of shroom I took was called penis envy's.  I dunno if they are natural or wild or not exactly but I think they are man made, which is strange. I tripped for my first time exactly a week ago with my close boyfriend of 4 years who was very helpful, reassuring, and there for me through my bad trip, ruining his own by worrying about me. We bought shroom chocolate candy bars with penis envy shrooms in the bars. His friend and her boyfriend personally make the candybars with 2.5 grams per bar. I should have started with only 1 gram I've read. I've done a lot of homework on magic mushrooms now but only went off of other peoples own personal stories and good trips for information. I wasn't afraid of tripping but had worked myself up making myself nervous atleast two hours prior to taking them. I knew I had needed to be in the right mindset and environment. We tripped at his house when no one was home so I had a comfortable place to trip at. I should have known that taking shrooms would be a bad idea for me because of the motion sickness part but eating the chocolate bar helped me be able to take the shrooms. All it tasted like was a cheap brand of a crunch bar. Only about fifteen min of eating the candybar I started feeling slightly tingly and high, without the stupid feeling that comes with it. I could have smoked but didn't before or during tripping. I didn't know what to expect I just knew it would kick in fast. I started to feel light and giggly. My body continued to tingle down to my feet. Then I got bad feelings and vibes and knew I would have a bad trip. I didnt want to sit still or stay in one place or room. A few minutes from room to room I became restless and able to not sit down and I had no visuals at this time. I went into the bathroom and saw a thin mist crawling an inch above the floor and up the walls. The patterns on the floor tiles started to move as the mist cleared. The walls started moving in patterns with the colors. The darker colors overtook the lighter colors. Darker colors popped out in three d- like and woodwork, and all 6 doors in the house were wooden. On the ceilings any paint splatters trailing towards the ceiling lights. Floor tiles shined in metallic pink and purple from the light and each tile had a different pattern on it that was constantly moving. All the wooden cabnit's woodwork was moving up and down. The short curtains bloomed into flowers at the tops and the rest had looked like skin with veins that moved and they breathed. The walls floor and objects breathed.  Along with many other visuals. Best way to explain it in order. After enjoying watching everything for a few minutes I became dizzy and overwhelmed with nausea. I knew it was because I have always had motion sickness since I was a kid. My boyfriend and I are eighteen years of age now. I had gotten sick about 9 times total in four hours. I thought the sickness would never end. I felt more terrible than I ever had and felt extreme anxiety and fear. For some time thought I was going insane and would die from the experience just from how horrible I was feeling, though I know its impossible. I made my boyfriend worry for me and turned his trip into a bad one too since I was so sick, and throwing up made the trip worse on us both by intensifying the trip. I finally came down hours later after laying on my boyfriends bed for two hours with my eyes closed. I tried taking a valium but couldn't keep it down long enough to kick in. And I felt too horrible and open minded to sleep or relax. I waited the trip out and felt anxious and out of place mind and body for exactly a week but am feeling 100% back on track and my boyfriend was okay as well. He tripped once before and had an amazing trip, but this one not so much. I had the environment right, not the right mindset to take the shrooms in the first place from me being so worried about what the trip would be like, but besides those factors and my motion sickness, what went wrong?

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