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My First Acid Trip

A strip of acid and 24 hours of tripping face

October, 2009 -

When this occurred I was 18, in college, and just got my financial aid money back for college. Up to this point in time I had tried a lot of drugs, Weed, Mushrooms, Cocaine, X, Speed, even snorted Heroin once, but never had I tried acid. My brother was always talking about it and I longed for it so bad. Sadly though, this isn't the 60's and acid is a rare find around here. It wasn't until one of our friends finally got a hold of some Cid and sold me a strip, my brother a hit, and my friend Tyler two and a half hits. We all dosed around 11pm, I took one and a half as did Tyler while my brother took one since he has already tripped at least 80 times by this point. At first I thought the trip would start like when I did shrooms, slight pattern movement, slight color change, etc. But this was very different, it was as if a fog was surrounding my entire body and my perception of time was completely lost. Once I finally realized "Holy shit Im fucking tripping balls" it had already been a little over an hour.

Because this was such an awesome occasion we watched The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" after we all had started tripping hard. I for one, love The Bealtes and every song they have made. While watching the movie my visuals started to become more and more intense. It was like my vision kept on zooming out further and further just to cope with all of the patterns and images surrounding me. When the song "Elanor Rigby" started playing during the movie, my favorite song by the Beatles, is when the mind games started happening. I started to make my head out to be something like Mc Escher's staircase drawings where it just made no sense at all. While watching the movie we had some other friends come over and we smoked some bud constantly through the night.

While going to smoke a cigarette outside now and then was a huge change to my mind. After staring into the sky for a few minutes I started to ascend upwards and actually feel the barriers above me. But one time while looking upwards is when I couldn't control it, I felt like I was rising so high that I would never come down.... and that was when I had my first out of body experience with LSD. It was like my eyes were in the sky looking at me staring up, and the ground was moving deeper and deeper beneath my feet. I eventually pulled it back together and went to finish the movie.

After the movie was over we sat around for a little bit, just tripping shit in the same room where the wallpaper is a bunch of white flowers on a red background and is almost trippy enough while sober.

It was around 7am now, Tyler and my brother were going to bed but I still had seven and a half hits left and was too excited about day tripping to sleep. I took a half of a hit and called my friend Daniel. Around 8am I got on my scooter and started to drive to daniel's house (I was at Tyler's house and Daniel lives 2 minutes away from him driving but seirously dont drive far distances on cid.) The drive was very very very intense. I felt low to the ground on that scooter and had tunnel vision like fuck.

I arrived at Dan's house right after his parents left and was tripping balls still. I then took one and a half more hits and gave daniel one and a half. Daniel has never done anything but weed and cocaine up to this point, never a powerful psychedelic like acid. Since I was already trippin I layed on daniel's brothers bed and stared at his wall for about 45 minutes waiting for daniel to start his first trip. During this waiting period I had a playlist going playing psychedelic bands like Infected Mushroom, and old 60's artists like The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix. While the song "Purple Haze" was playing all I could hear was laughter, I seriously thought I was going insane.... until I realized it was Daniel. He was laughing so hard his eyes were watering. "Starting to feel it eh?" I said. We then rolled a joint each, smoked and then started to walk to the gas station which is right at daniel's house.

After getting to the gas station I kept my head down with my hat on so people couldn't see my eyes. When I approached the counter to buy some cigarettes I said "Lemme get a pack of Camel Menthols" and the lady replyed "What?" To me, this sounded like it was being yelled at the volume where your ears would explode, then the whole store went black... But I pulled myself together, repeated myself, got my cig's and bounced at fast as I could. Me and Daniel then walked around some back neighborhoods, smoked another joint while walking then went back to his house.

When we got to his rock driveway it looked like all of the rocks were little eyes, staring at me, blinking. This I wasn't afraid of however. We then went inside and layed on different couches in his living room and watched TV. Cartoons were fucking awesome to watch, but while watching the TV atleast 15 feet away from me, it was as if we were sitting in a movie theatre. The screen kept getting closer and closer until Spongebob his fucking self popped out of it. I just shook my head, and went to the bathroom.

Now... while on acid it is impossible not to stare at yourself in the mirror. This was the first time the whole trip I was gonna stand there and look at myself. While doing so, I noticed my face beginning to warp. I started to grow old, and at one point I though I died. But knew that wasn't the case.

Finally me and Daniel decided to just walk back to Tyler's, it was raining and a scooter + no sleep + 3 hits of acid = Not a good choice. While walking there we saw someone walking towards us on the road, at first I was like... "I know him" but then thought I was just seeing shit. It actually was the other guitarist in the band im in named Donner, he was walking to the store to get some cigs and when I told him I had "The Key to the Universe and More, Lucy herself" He nearly jumped for joy. We walked back to the gas station with him and went to Tyler's. I then sold donner a hit and a half of acid, and took another a hit and a half with him.

It was around 4pm now, Daniel just left to go back home but I was staying at Tyler's this night and stayed. Donner stuck around, my brother and Tyler were chilling with us in Tyler's room. At this point there was so much acid in my system that I though I was going to perma-trip. I was started to unlearn the fabric of reality, but I didn't panic. I would have loved to live in the world I was in at that point.

I still had about a quarter of some reggie, and a little bit of dank weed so we smoked for a while. Every hit got me more and more plastered, after smoking so much it was like I was looking through glass. Visuals at this point were beyond intense, and the mind games were even worse.

Around 8pm, I gave donner another hit for free and took my last hit. All of my acid gone physically, but mentally the acid was running as strong as could be. Later on we found some more weed, I played some guitar which was incredible, and we basically sat around. One thing I will say is that looking at Tyler's one year old son made me feel insane. i kept on thinking this is what its like for a little infant, to be happy all of the time, to see new and amazing things, to laugh continuously for hours and not care about anything. It brought a lot of warmth to my heart.

It was now around 12am, I went 24 hours on acid. I eventually went to sleep, I knew I was tired but didn't feel tired. But going to sleep while tripping was still amazing. It was like being gently rocked to sleep like a little kid again.

All in all, after doing acid I wouldn't say I like it....I fucking love it. After that trip I went on to taking designer paper and took 4 and a half hits of that and lost my shit hardcore. I've known tripped acid 12 times now, and will continue to make that number grow.

Thank you for reading this, Acid has changed my life for the better and kept me away from doing cocaine and heroin again. Acid and weed is all you need in life to reach pure serenity and happiness.

Just remember to be safe while tripping, avoid driving to far out places while tripping, and if someone around you is causing you to have a bad trip.... knock their ass out. Bad trips arn't funny.

Take care all

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