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Very Tasty Sandwich

My first shrooming experience was around 2 months ago.

My first shrooming experience was around 2 months ago. My friend and I had picked and dried a couple of hundred liberty caps, and one day we decided to take the train out to Mugdock Country Park, and eat some of our collection.

After arriving at Mugdock, we ate around 50 each in a sandwich, and due to the honey they had been stored in, they didn’t taste bad at all. After consulting a map, we decided to head for a loch where we intended to spend most of the trip. It took us about three quarters of an hour or so to walk there, and once we arrived we were beginning to feel the effects of the shrooms.

It was quite a nice day; the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold. We walked through some woods and set up camp right on the edge of the loch, with the trees directly behind us. It had been over an hour since we had eaten the shrooms, and as we hadn’t started tripping we decided to smoke a joint. That worked brilliantly, and soon the stoning got stronger and stronger.

As well as the wood behind us, there was a wood on the other side of the loch, and I started seeing lots of distortions in the trees. As it was autumn, the trees were all different beautiful colours: reds, browns, greens, golden yellows.

I didn’t realise that I was tripping so hard until I started listening to what I was saying. I was talking utter, utter shite, and I couldn’t stop! I was having so many revolutions and new ideas in my head, and I was desperately trying to articulate them, but they just came out as shite! I don’t know what my friend made of my commentary – he was probably talking just as much crap. I remember us coming to the conclusion that words and language didn’t make sense; and it was true, it was impossible to express what we were feeling in words. Both of us were getting extremely confused, and for about ten minutes solid I kept repeating “What is going on?!”, and ripped out handfuls of grass with my hands, out of sheer frustration. Neither I nor my friend knew what was actually going on, so I eventually shut up and started looking at the sky.

I was having incredible, beautiful visuals. The sky itself consisted of about 4 or 5 layers, and they were sliding over each other, and merging together in all different directions. Also everything was pixelating. At one point I remember looking at my friend’s face and it started looking like a beaver’s; I told him this, and quite reasonably, he told me to stop.

We had brought some fresh pineapple and melon, and I can truly say that the pineapple was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. It’s not like the pineapple out of a tin; it was crunchy and juicy and utterly godly.

We decided to venture into the woods. This is when things got really amazing. Some of the trees were in rows, forming an avenue. Their bark was turning purple, and it all looked incredibly trippy. It was like looking at the world through colour-tinted glass. My friend had his camera and took many pictures, some of which turned out really well.

I guess that this was the peak. I was hearing wonderful music in my head, and I could see the wind as colours trailing past me. The noise the wind made also morphed into music and added to the sounds in my head. The mixing up of the senses was an amazing experience.

After that we went back and lay beside the loch again. I closed my eyes for what seemed like an eternity; time had lost all significance, and I had no concept of measuring it. After a long time of having beautiful closed eye visuals, I opened my eyes and realised that I was beginning to return to reality. I desperately wanted to smoke something, but sadly we had finished all our smoke earlier.

The walk back was a dream: my whole body felt really warm, right to the core, and I felt incredibly happy. This was the best weather of the day: the late-afternoon sun was pleasantly warm, and as we trudged along the country track I felt pretty much the best I ever have in my life. We stopped a few times, to sit beside a river, and to watch someone play on a golf course.

Although a veteran shroomer would probably rate this lower, for me it was a good level 3, as there were some really intense moments, and obviously as it was my first time everything was new and beautiful. It was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life so far.

I am really looking forward to using shrooms more in the future, and having stronger, more mind-blowing trips.

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