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All You Need Is Love

2nd time, depths of the valley to the mountain peaks

Hello all, thanks for reading this, here is the account of my second trip.  Here's a little background info so maybe you can understand why the trip went this way.  This was a very different experience from my first time.  Filled with highs and deep lows.  Looking back on it, this was probably not a very good idea.  A few days before this trip, my parents somehow found out that I have been smoking and tripping and stuff and were very disappointed and I kind of subconsciously felt bad, not because I disagree with mind altering substances, but because my parents were hurt by it.  Enough with all that, here's how it went….

The  night started out just like any other, it was a couple of days before new years eve and I was hanging out with my three friends(A,T,M,&N).  We were riding around smoking and listening to tunes and had nothing really to do.  We were on our way to get something to eat when one of my friend's (we'll call him T) mom called and said she was going to a party out of town and would not be back until tomorrow morning.  He told us this, and we were somewhat excited.  My friend (A) had picked up an ounce of shrooms about a week before and we had been waiting for a time when we could eat them.  Now we finally had a place to go.  So we were all excited and decided to go eat first and then come back.

After we finished eating at about 10 we headed back to Ts house.  My friend N had to work early the next morning so he hesitantly went home.  So it was down to A,T,M, and myself.  M does not smoke or do anything like that, although he says all the time that he will trip with us, he decides not to after some failed peer pressure we just said ok.   When we are smoking around him he always makes us feel uneasy, it's like he's judging us or something, it's hard to explain.   A weighed out an 8th for each of us and we ate up.  Ate some peanut butter crackers, and drank some OJ afterwards.  It's roughly 10:30

We then decided to go smoke some bud and play some video games.  A,T, and I went out back and smoked, while M decided to go downstairs and play video games.  After we were finished we went downstairs and decided to join M in some video game playing.  We sat down and got comfortable, I borrowed some sweatpants and  a sweatshirt from T.  He put on some tunes and we started playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 which is one of my favorite games.  About 45 minutes later I started feeling the effects.  We were switching control of the game every time we died, and as I began to start to trip I really felt uncomfortable playing the game.  I just did not like the feeling that I was killing something, even if it was a fake video game person I did not like it at all so I stopped playing and decided to check out the internet with T.  We surfed Youtube for a while and had some fun, then A joined us and M was just sitting there playing xbox.  T showed us this video called "Crystal Cat" by Dan Deacon.  I can't even explain it you will just have to watch it for yourself.  At first I thought it was funny and then I did a 180 and it began to confuse me and I was like turn that shit off.  Then all I could think about was Matisyahu, and how weird it was that people follow him around and go to see him sing songs and dance.  I don't know why, I actually saw him a couple weeks before that and I love going to concerts.

After about an hour, I was feeling uneasy and I could feel that A, and T were also feeling uneasy.  A is my best friend and has been my entire life so we know each other very well, and every time we trip (you can call me crazy) it feels like we can communicate and know what the other is thinking without even speaking.  Anyways we decided to go back outside and smoke some more.  We got out on the deck and it's late December so it was absolutely freezing outside.  I was just waiting for someone to say what we were all thinking, when A said something along the lines of "ok he needs to leave" and T and I were like yeah I know it's so weird and uncomfortable.  I was soooo cold outside, and I usually love the cold weather, it was just unbearable. 

We finished up and went back inside and into Ts room in the basement and sat back down and tried to relax.  About 20-30 minutes later, after mostly silence M decided to leave, when he did it was an awkward goodbye, but it felt like a dark cloud had just cleared up or a weight was lifted or something.  By now we were all tripping and I began to notice tracers and movement of objects.  We sat downstairs for a while, but I could not sit down, I felt like I needed to move around.  I started to walk around and went upstairs and the others followed.  We  started to mess around on the hardwood floor. We would run and slide like on the movie Risky Business with our socks and we started doing all kinds of crazy stuff.  We sat down and spun around on our asses, it felt like I was not on the floor, but hovering above just spinning around which was awesome.  We got tired with that and I checked out the glowing Christmas tree.  There was a nativity scene underneath the tree, and somebody said "there's Jesus, he's the man".  I am not religious at all, in fact I didn't really believe in god or anything, but then I started thinking" Wow Jesus IS the man".

A and I were in the kitchen chatting and noticed that T had disappeared, so we sent downstairs looking for him, he was just sitting in the garage in the corner smoking a cigarette, when he saw us we all just started busting out laughing.  We stayed and A smoked a cig with T, but I don't really like cigarettes so I just stayed and talked with them.  For some reason, all I could think about was the house being burned down because somebody didn't put out their cigarette.  So after they were done, they flicked their butts and I was tripping balls so I thought they were still smoking.  I went over and stepped on them, when I turned around to leave the garage I could still see them smoking and I went over and stepped on them again.  They were not actually smoking but I could still "see" the smoke.  A was standing in the doorway saying " What are you doing dude?".  That's when he convinced me they weren't on fire any more so I went back in with them and watched family guy. 

I sat on the bed with A and was feeling anxious, and I kept thinking something bad was going to happen.  I looked over at my jeans that were laying on the floor and they had a glowing aura or something which was weird, they had a light coming from them, and all the wrinkles had light too which was very neat.  I started to look at my hands and I noticed that it looked like something was moving around underneath my hands, like a snake or something which was cool, because I knew that that wasn't really happening, I was just tripping.    T had gone somewhere else in the house, and A and I were just sitting on the bed chilling, and watching Family Guy, which I usually find hilarious, was not seeming very funny now.  My mind was racing at a thousand miles per hour.  A knew something was wrong with me, and he asked me if something was on my mind, and I didn't want him to think I wasn't having a good trip because I didn't want to ruin his time so I tried to play it off like I was alright.  I was just sitting watching family guy, but not really "watching" it.  A had left to go smoke with T and I didn't want to go with them because I thought someone would get arrested or burned or something.  They asked me why I didn't want to come, and I just said I don't want anybody to get hurt.  So I stayed downstairs alone and watched TV.  I kept thinking about the cops and stuff, and I thought that Family Guy was talking specifically to me.  I know it sounds retarded but it really confused me.  A had come back into the room with T, and I felt much better when the three of us were all together.  We started talking about what we were going to do with our lives, and we came to the conclusion that we needed money.  Every idea we had, you needed  money to get started.  So I said, "money, that's what it all comes down to" everyone agreed and that became the motto of the night. 

By this point it's about 2 a.m. we're all still tripping.  T was nowhere to be found, and I was still sitting on the bed, when A handed me T's YMCA card and Driver's License for some reason, and I said "where's t?" and he said "he's gone man" (he was really in the garage) but I thought that he meant he was dead.  I was looking at the cards and I was thinking what are these things, what is the point of these?  I had to take a piss now, I had been putting this off all night cause I hate locking myself into the bathroom I don't know why but I do when I'm tripping.  Anyways I went into the bathroom, I looked at the floor, and the wood grain looked like a river flowing and moving.  Anyways I had convinced myself that I was not actually in the bathroom, and I did not want to be peeing on the floor or somebody's bed or something.  I went out of the bathroom and back in just to make sure. After I was done pissing, I washed my hands which was a cool experience, then I made the mistake of looking into the mirror, I looked so weird to myself and thought is this what I really look like.  I thought I would check out my pupils to see how big they were, my eyes were straight black with a tiny sliver of green around the edge which was cool. 

I went into the bedroom again and saw my phone, and I decided for some reason to pick it up, and I had a couple missed calls from my friend N who had left earlier.  I was worried that I had called him or something and just didn't remember it.  But I could not figure out how to work my phone, and when I looked at it , it looked like it was vibrating really fast and my had looked like it was shaking too so I just put it down. I started watching tv alone again.  This commercial for "Daybreakers" came on and it scared me soo bad, I thought that it was real, but when it ended I was ok.

Anyways, A and T came back when we all started to come down at about 3:30, and chilled with me.  I felt tired, but I couldn't sleep, we were watching family guy again because it had looped again and this time around it was soooo funny I was laughing at the dumbest things.  After it was over at about 4:30 a.m. or so we started watching a bowl game that was played earlier that day and we were laughing at it and saying how weird it was that people put on this gear and played this game and so many people watched it and stuff.  Anyways T was chilling in the recliner chair and he was put on "all you need is love" by the Beatles.  I started thinking "yeah, everything else doesn't matter" and I felt very good, I was thinking that it was the best song ever at that moment.

T went to sleep in his mom's bed and I stayed and slept in his room, I didn't get to sleep until about 6 a.m. and left at about 9 a.m.   That's the story of my second trip, sorry it's so long, if you got this far thanks for reading it.  My advice is to make sure your mind is clear of all problems before you use shrooms.  If you are having a tough time, just put on some Beatles.  Peace

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