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harry potter

ate 1.

ate 1.2g of some unknown fresh psyilocibes and watched harry potter! the shrooms resembled the ones I had grown last season, the NJ #6 strain from Austria. They have tight little heads on strong stems. These were so good that I aimed for a Level 1 but wound up feeling like a level 3. By my calculations I should have been feelin fine at level 1 but i wound up totally more out of it much to the jealousness of my friends. The movie kicked ass, the effects were perfect, and i was worried at first that mushrooms would ruin the movie but i was wrong! Each painting in the movie has it's own sub movie going on inside it and on a level 3 it was incredible! It was a rather long movie and once it was over the trip slowly subsided but after a few beers and bowl packs it ended up being a superb night.

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