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Shrooms + Flying Coach = Trip of a lifetime

Trippy Shit Yo

Me and my buddy were visiting some of my family for christmas vacation. And while visiting we had a vast supply of shrooms. And we took them 4 times while we were there. The last time we took them was in the bathroom of the Airport about an hour prior to our flight leaving. By the time we were on the plane and in our seats reality seized to exist but at the same time everything was in slow motion. It was quite amazing. And the flight itself was the most enjoyable flight ive ever been on, and they are never fun. The whole time i just kept on enjoying how generic and trippy evderything was on the plane and how wierded out the people I was sitting next to me were. By the time we landed me and my friend were out of our minds and walking through the airport was almost too much to handle. So if you ever get the chance and you want to have an eventful flight I reccomend taking some shrooms about an hour prior.

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