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First shroom trip

Nice and gentle, it was perfect!

I tripped shrooms for the first time yesterday with my 3 roommates, one of whom has done them before.  I was kind of nervous about it, but i just decided, fuck it, i'll just eat them!  We each ate half of an eighth. We shared a bowl first, just to ease into the trip more easily.   I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the taste of the shrooms.  For the first 20 minutes or so I was really fidgety, and I started shaking a little from being excited.  
Once I sat down in my armchair, I felt really grounded and connected to everything, and I started noticing that I was feeling different.  I felt really happy about nothing in particular.  We had Yellow Submarine queued up on the TV, and the menu screen was starting to get kinda crazy.  I was fascinated with looking out of the window at the tops of trees and at the pair of shoes hanging on the power line across the street.  Then I looked over at my friend Michael and he was changing colors like the horse in Wizard of Oz!  Then the giggles kicked in, and I became fascinated with my feet and being upside down.  We decided to turn on Yellow Submarine, but I couldn't understand what anybody was saying in the movie, it all just sounded like random syllables.  But I still understood what was going on, even without the words.  For some reason I really liked the villain in the movie, the Blue Meanie.  He was different, but that didn't make him bad.  We watched about 40 minutes of it before we got too distracted.
Then I found a fish swimming in my couch, like he was there to be my companion for the trip.  Then I started getting really euphoric and wanted to go say hi to everyone.  First I just tried walking out of my apartment, but there were people in the common area and I got scared, so I went and laid on my kitchen floor and laughed my ass off for awhile.  Then we decided to go visit our friends in the apartment across the hall.  The four of us just hugged all the sober people, and when our other roommate got back from wherever he was it was like the best thing that happened.  I think everyone else might've been a little scared, but they just went with it.
At some point, the four of us ended up just lying in a big pile on the floor, laughing our asses off and enjoying existing together.
Then our other friend got back, and we decided it'd be a good idea if he smoked weed out of all of the pieces we own.  That ended up being 12, so he got pretty high.  Then we decided it was finally time to go outside.  At first we all walked around together just experiencing everything, then we went back inside, and I decided I wanted to go for a walk by myself.  I was starting to level out and calm down a bit at this point.  I was seeing a surreal, luminescent pattern on the concrete, and it looked like someone had put it on a paint roller and made a path for me to follow.  Sometimes a bigger pattern would appear and I would just stand and stare at it for awhile.  This is when I started getting lost in my head.  I thought about everything in a very different way that I ever had before.  I kept having so many realizations, and one thought would lead to more and more.  The emotions I felt throughout the whole trip were the strongest I'd ever felt, whether they were euphoria, loneliness, sadness, content, and they all felt really good.
At first, I was really sad to be coming down, because I was having the time of my damn life, but the more I thought about it, the more okay I was with the idea.  It felt like I was leaving someplace, but I knew I'd be back again, and that was how it should be.
The best way I can describe shrooming is that everything just is.  I am, you are, that is, and everything makes sense.  I didn't need to know what I was understanding, I just understood.  I felt like I was able to connect to a greater, older collective and experience a decade worth of experiences in 6 hours.
I think it was a perfect first trip, not too intense, and very fun.  Best $15 I've spent in awhile!  :)

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