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First smooth trip

First steps

I've been looking to do shrooms for six months, yesterday my fried called and asked if I wanted to trip for weekend.
I don't know what kind of shrooms they were and what amount it was. It is said to be 1 trip, I did quarter of it on empty stomach.
15 minutes after ingestion I started to feel serotonin release in my brain, I started to get giggly and euphoric.
I grabbed my beer and sat in the living room, that's when I got uber exited and funny about everything.
There were 5 of us who were tripping and sitter, the apartment owner.
There were different size and colour dishes hanging on the wall, I just kept staring at them and said ''What the hell'' It wasn't that much brainfuck, not like weed, I mean you are totally aware but just concentrated  and thinking about thing you are doing, I didn't get any loops also.
So the dishes were lightly changing shapes, and shadows were moving near them. Then i looked at walls and they were noticebly moving so said 'breathing'.
There was also 1 black wall coloured with white abstracted spirals on it and they were moving too, they also were colorful, but I didn't notice that they were white until next day morning.
There was really nothing to fear about, the place was good and people thrustworthy, by that I mean light and problemless. So I would not worry if they think something bad about me or I did something wrong and now they are upset etc.
Later 1 guy came over and it was really enjoyable and easy to talk with him, again unless like weed, I always get paranoid and think I am stupid.
But sometimes I would just stop in the middle of conversation and observed my hand and moved it, he was like lol.
Many times in trip i saw following fading layers of others.
Things that were similiar to weed was that comeup and 'reality' I was in.
I saw many reports how people experience spiritual and lifechanging trips, how sacred they were. But I just didn't feel it 'real' enought. Yeah, the visuals and colour contrast changes were intense and that happy state is very nice, but isn't it just stimulation?
 On the comeup I just felt more change of material world, nothing inside, maybe I took low dose but
I could really control everyhting, I wasn't resisting, just accepted everything that came to me.
Actually one time I tought I was gay and loser in life and failture (that's why I stopped smoking weed, got paranoid about not finishing school and not able to pay for needs).
But on comedown everything came very clear to me and I was really happy afterwards seeing that things were not what I imagined.

The trip was overall worth it, every second, I think beer made it more intense.
On the next day I still had very light visuals, the patterns on wall were 'melting' a bit if I stared at them.
I guess tomorrow I will be clear.

About next month I plan do half of the trip, will see how that turns out.

Positive vibes ! :)

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