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First Time Tripper

A New Look at Life

I took two grams for my first time and because I had eaten a lot for lunch prior to injesting the shrooms, about an hour and a half passed and I thought sadly that I was never going to experience anything.  I was hanging out in a friend's dorm on a Friday after class.  Suddenly, I realized that I could not remember, for the life of me, what I was doing there.  I could not recall where I was, who I was, how old I am, and I could not remember what I did for the last week.  Time ceased to make any sense to me at this point, like I was trapped in eternity, and I kept saying to myself "I don't know what's going on here."  Now  I knew that at this moment some people at this point would panic and feel like they had gone insane, and completely bewildered at why they lost all their memory and could not explain how they got to where they were before.  However, I had done the research and I had expected this result, and as opposed to being panicked about why I couldn't explain what I was doing there, I just sat there trying to remember, trying to figure things out for myself.  Soon, something amazing distracted me from these thoughts.  I looked at all my friends around me, and all their faces and bodies were completed disfigured!  Their faces and bodies were blobs like they were made out of Play-doh and stretched out in undefinable shapes.  I looked at my hand and it looked like it had swollen up from a bee sting or like a dozen ants had bitten it, and again rather than panicking, I knew what I was seeing was nothing to worry about since it was just the visual effect of the shrooms and thus I just sat there admiring the forms that everything around me took.  My feet looked wide, unrecognizable, and my face in the mirror was completely distorted.  I didn't get to sit there for too long, however, because I had dinner plans with my family that I could not get out of so after an hour I had to make my way out of the dorm.  Walking outside, I saw life in a whole new perspective.  I observed that everyone around me was just rushing to get from one point to another, and nobody seemed to be enjoying themselves outside. At first no matter who I saw I had uncontrollable giggles and I had to bury myself in my hands to try to stop my laughter.  Eventually, I was able to control my laugh and walked calmly.  I now saw life in a whole new way: I began to value every second of my life I had on earth.  I began to appreciate the beauty of nature and it fascinated me that I had never enjoyed the life around me as I did that day, how normally I would just hurry on with a brisk walk and hardly even glance at my surroundings.  Now I could not keep from smiling as I felt the happiest I had ever been in my life.  Everything was beautiful - the sky, the trees, the buildings, the lights... I felt sorry for everyone around me that they could not experience what I felt.  When I ate with my family, I conversed with them like I had never before because I felt enlightened.  I genuinely cared about what everyone had to say, and I sat there appreciating their presence and valued them like I had never before in my life.  It's like that saying that goes "you never know what you have until it's gone," like how when someone you love dies you finally realize how much they meant to you and how you regret not spending true, quality time with them when you had the chance.  Luckily for me, I discovered this feeling right there, when nobody had died, when everyone I loved was right there.  I was able to appreciate them in a way that I never had, and I saw the world differently.  No longer will I rush through life, but rather, I will enjoy every second I have because life is blessed.  I saw that all things you perceive in life as good are bad is based entirely on your point of view, like the "half empty or half full" saying.  Now I get to make that choice and I choose half full.  I found a new urge to just connect with every human being I saw, rather than to just avoid them and get on with my day.  Now I can truly live my life with full appreciation and satisfaction.  Magic mushrooms opened my eyes and expanded my mind.

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