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Most Intense Shroom Trip - 10 grams

When I Went Mad and Met the Devil

So SWIM would still consider himself a newbie in the realm of psychedelics/hallucinogens. SWIM has tripped on shrooms about 7 or 8 times and besides that has only tried salvia. SWIM has a love/hate relationship with shrooms. The first time he tripped, SWIM felt like he was in another world and was paranoid about being nauseous so didn't move from the same spot for about 2 hours (SWIM was tripping in a cemetery at night with a friend). Once SWIM finally got up and moved around, it was like he was taking his first steps in this new world and SWIM was fascinated. Since then, SWIM has tripped maybe 7 or 8 times in varying settings (cemeteries, festivals, indoors) and almost always by himself, which he finds much more rewarding. In fact, every time SWIM trips with a group of people, he finds himself hating being around them and just wanting to be by himself.

Having discussed shrooms with a friend who used to trip a lot, he was saying that SWIM should take a large dose if SWIM really wanted to know what they were about. Previously, the most SWIM had taken was an eighth, which on a couple occasions had seemed like way too much (SWIM is thinking of a particularly bad experience tripping on shrooms at a festival by himself and getting lost in the muddy backroads filled with portable toilets and sketchy people fighting). In all these experiences, SWIM had never really hallucinated. Objects were distorted and SWIM had lots of CEVs, but nothing he would consider a hallucination so SWIM was anxious to experience that.

Around 10pm a few months ago SWIM ate 10g of dried shrooms and went outside to smoke some headies and calm his nerves and any pre-trip anxiousness. After even just 10-15 minutes, SWIM could feel it coming on. The heated face, the levity, wood grains distorting, and the heightened auditory senses. SWIM finished smoking the bowl, had a cigarette and went back inside and retreated to his room to listen to some music.

As SWIM was listening to some music, he noticed the usual distortions he had experienced before, but as he looked down on the carpet he saw what appeared to be giant playing cards rotating/floating around and on each card was a man in a basketball jersey holding his baby, also wearing a basketball jersey. Rows and rows of these cards with the same man and his baby, rotating on the rug crashing into each other and bouncing off. At one point, SWIM was also seeing messages written on the rug, but couldn't make out what they said. As SWIM would look closer, they would change.

After staring at the carpet for maybe 5 minutes, SWIM looked back up at his computer desk and noticed the wood grains, and the best way to describe it is that it was "breathing". The wood grains were flexing, pulsing, floating around and SWIM saw babies' faces morphing into clenched fists and skulls. Trying to ignore these hallucinations for a few minutes and just listen to music proved difficult as SWIM became entranced with one of Jimi Hendrix's album covers on his iTunes (Axis: Bold as Love) and saw little girls heads morphing into a cobra and was telling himself not to stare into it, but couldn't turn away. Finally looking away from the computer screen, SWIM saw a framed picture in his hallway of his family, but saw a reflection of this grotesque half man/half python creature with a giant mouth opening wide, engulfing the photo.

Around this time, SWIM started to notice some vivid auditory hallucinations. SWIM had his AC unit running and could hear all different types of sounds just listening to the whir of the AC. Lawnmowers starting, people laughing and talking, etc. At one point, SWIM thought he heard people talking downstairs and walked into the hallway to listen. After that SWIM remembers walking back into his room and deciding to lie down and listen to music as he was tripping really hard and was having trouble standing. Having silverfish in his mind as this was the summer time and spiders and silverfish weren't uncommon, SWIM began to see silverfish everywhere, all over the ceiling, just rows and rows of them. Looking at his arms, SWIM started to see them up and down his arms.

Being somewhat freaked out by that and the auditory hallucinations, SWIM decided to just lie down, close his eyes, and listen to music. At this point SWIM isn't sure if he actually fell asleep for like a half hour, but he remembers vivid images of being in hell, sitting across from the devil. SWIM woke up still tripping very hard and struggling to make sense of it all. For SWIM, a lot of shroom trips feel like near death experiences. This time SWIM kept asking himself what the point of life was and whether it was worth living, and couldn't come up with an answer, just kept obsessing over this and finally having to literally talk to himself to get out of that loop.

This whole time SWIM was still listening to music, but couldn't make sense of any of the words. In his mind, it all sounded like nonsense, in fact every time he heard a word, he would think of a completely different word and would go off rattling arbitrary words as the music played which he found really amusing. SWIM felt like he had gone completely mad, but was starting to enjoy it. SWIM remembers finally realizing that all of his fears were pointless, whether it was a fear of death, silverfish on the wall, the unknown, etc. SWIM remembers feeling like he was on the verge of understanding everything about the universe. SWIM wasn't dying or in hell. SWIM was being liberated. SWIM was free to do whatever he wanted. Nothing mattered.

SWIM got up and walked around the house, saw his cat in the other room from a distance and the first image he saw was the cat's body disassembled on the floor but as SWIM approached the cat's shape continued to change, even as he was petting him. SWIM probably tripped pretty hard for another hour or so, but after that he was starting to come down and the trip was not nearly as interesting anymore. SWIM doesn't really remember what he did at that point. SWIM thinks he just passed out listening to music.

Even though this trip was quite difficult and SWIM experienced an uncomfortable body load for the first couple hours, he highly recommends experimenting with higher doses as long as you are comfortable with the setting. For SWIM, that was being alone and in his house, but that may be completely different for you.

Since that trip, SWIM has only tripped once on 4g with the same shrooms and it was not nearly the same. SWIM experienced similar hallucinations with wood grains, the carpet, the lawn outside, but it was not nearly as intense. SWIM also stupidly ate 2g at first then 2g an hour and a half in and never really felt the 2nd dose kicking in so started drinking beer and that was pretty much the end of that trip.

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