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My first and actually only trip.

My first and actually only trip.
I have always been the conservative type when it comes to experiments and going further with drugs than smoking a bit of hashish was a difficult and long process. But this summers holiday, I went hiking with a friend of mine and his friend. We took the bus route out town, and packed with tents and a small christiania cart, we decided to take a ferry to a small isle in the bay by the town. We found wood pieces on the beach and camped ten meters from the waterline. When night came, we lit the campfire and sat in a circle round it. We swalloved the shrooms and 20 minutes passed without noticeable reflections nor hallucination. But due to the campfire, and the suns role taken by the moon, everything around us went black. Just like when somebody hit you with light in your head from a mack., you cant see a damn thing. There were stars and there were campfire. This semester we learned of platons theory, that by doing something you destroy the illusion, therefore I sat with a bag of candy in front of me, but did not open it, because reality is not nearly as good as imagination, the sick thing is that I spoke of his theory without mentioning platons, because I had not learned his theory, I simply felt it on my own body. When night evolved by sunrise into morning, We smoked a hooka, opened the bag of candy and had a feast. I had a superb feeling in my body and mind the next day and for sure will do such a thing again, but I will wait until the next occasion, and that means vacation comes. The shrooms used were cubensis blah blah blah and from Amsterdam. The amount which I consumed was 1/2 a strong trip, we ate nothing during the trip, but we drank some water.
I am a student by the Gymnasium, (upper highschool) in Aabenraa, Denmark and do not think that the experience has given me any trouble, instead I would say, that I reflect a great deal better after using shrooms.

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