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Summertime Trip - 1st Timer

The best introduction to the amazing world of shrooms.

This trip was a few months ago near the end of summer. It was my first one, and I decided to finally record it so I wouldn’t forget too many details. I am now an avid shroom tripper J

I was unsure of mushrooms until the day I tried them at a friend’s house. He had collected several the day before from a local cow pasture. Several bags worth actually, there were so many! As with any new drug, one doesn’t know what to expect – my only other psychedelic experience had been salvia. So I started off light with three mushroom caps and stems. It was a little before sunset.

Not too much happened within the next 30 minutes. My friend told me my pupils are dilated as hell, so I went to check it out in the bathroom mirror. Once in the bathroom, I remember my friend has this striped green and yellow wallpaper up that seemed so interesting at the time. When I began to study my face in the mirror, I started to notice the small distortions – my skin was bubbling, my eyes looked almost black, and, out of nowhere, I see white bugs running down the paper in the mirror’s reflection. My only thought: “This. Is. COOL.” It felt so natural to be in the state I was in.

Upon returning to the kitchen, my friend had brewed up some tea with an ungodly number of shrooms. It only consisted of water and the shrooms, and the shit was pitch black. When my trip partner (another friend) arrived, we divided the tea up and gulped it down. My best description is it tasted like oily fish water.

Some time passes (~25-30 minutes) when we had to make a cigarette run. My sober friend drove us up to the store, and the ride was such a great experience. I wasn’t hallucinating, more like I felt I had taken a couple E pills – music was great, wind from outside was great, and I had a feeling of unconditional love for everything. On the ride back I start to notice small flashes of light in the darkness, but that’s about the extent of my hallucinations…until we get arrive at the house. We sat outside around a table, facing each other, smoking. I think my face had become permanently skewed into smiling, I just felt so great! Then the weird shit started to happen.

My first major hallucination was watching a decorative iron bar untwist itself and start slithering in space towards me. If I didn’t look directly at it, it could almost reach me, despite it actually being about 10 feet away. I continued watching the ground and porch ceiling morph before my eyes – little bugs would grow from the surface and crawl around in unison.

Perhaps the most amazing visuals I had were watching some palm trees. They started growing flesh-like tubes between each other that slowly move through the air. Sometimes these tubes would turn to me and sing, vibrating while doing so. A row of bushes would bend around in unison, sometimes to the point where their tops literally touched the ground.

 It was both awe-inspiring and, dare I say it, heart-wrenching to be in shroomworld. Everything was just so calm, beautiful, and interesting. The emotion I felt was that of crying. I felt it in my gut. It wasn’t sadness, but just the feeling of raw emotion pulsing through my veins.

The rest of the night played out much like before. Inside, the walls, floors, and ceiling would harbor armies of bugs crawling in the same direction, but I was well aware it simply hallucinations. I was depressed as my trip weakened. I wanted like anything to stay in that world forever.

Later I woke up.

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