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The long walk

This was to be my fourth time using shrooms, the previous times I had taken doses of about 1g which did me fine for getting to Level 2.

This was to be my fourth time using shrooms, the previous times I had taken doses of about 1g which did me fine for getting to Level 2. This time, my friend (who I will name Job) and I had about 0.75g apiece. We were in his basement watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when he had to go up for dinner, I had to get home in something like 4 hours so I decided I'd start there and took mine.

By the time Job came back down I was already getting a warm, tingling feeling in my stomach and legs and the TV screen seemed to buzz and hiss everytime there was movement onscreen. Job didn't realize I'd already taken the shrooms and went to his seat to continue watching the movie but was rather disturbed when I picked up a Captain America toy and started playing with it. This toy was just the body of Captain America and it had two buttons you could press to make him swing his arms left or right. I faced him and pressed the button and out of instinct started trying to dodge the flurry of punches I was making him throw at me. Job thought I was just fooling around, thought I honestly thought Captain America was trying to beat me up.

Job went over to get the shrooms and got kinda distressed when he only found have of them there, then he realized I'd been on them all along. He took his and after finishing the movie we decided to walk to my place... that's when they really started hitting me hard.

I found that the sidewalk kept on warping back and forth and I couldn't keep on it, walking either onto someone's lawn or onto the road. Looking over at the houses while I was walking, I saw Job suddenly start moving backwards while the houses started moving forward. I was scared and enthralled by this and yelled at Job: "I'm having trouble keeping up with the world, HURRY UP!". I sped up my pace to try and catch up the houses to no avail. At this point, I had convinced myself that the world was one straight line and that sooner or later we were going to reach the end... which turned out to be a mall.

We met up with two friends, one of which I barely knew but her hair was so enthralling I had to touch it so I started petting it, apparently for about 5 minutes which must really have freaked her out.

Walking down to the exit, the animals in a christmas exibit all seemed to come alive, but the world kept on morphing between 2D and 3D as depth perception failed me for some reason. Getting outside, a sudden idea snapped into my head and I stated to Job: "Y'know, sometimes I think that if I turn around real fast", as I spun around "I'll catch God changing the film on us". With that thought in mind we started out for a scool-yard... suddenly forgetting that we had initially intended to head to my house. Walking along, I realized I was about to hit a road-sign but I refused to get out of the way, being scared by the black road on one side of me which I mistook for a pit and Job on the left so I walked directly into it.

Finally, getting to the school-yard, we toyed around on some playground equipment since we had alot of energy to burn, the entire sky seemed to burn with some white light ferocity even though it was night. We had no idea what time it was or where we were so we just kept on walking... trying to keep onto the constantly changing sidewalks. The cracks in the pavement suddenly held so many surprises, hands grabbed at me and serpents slithered at my feet. Faces jumped out of hedges and I was paranoid as hell of anyone within a fre blocks of us.

We somehow managed to get relatively close to my house (after about 2 hours of walking) and found a stray dog which at first we weren't sure was real. Going up to pet it, was again a most engrossing thing as the hair felt like millions of pinpricks on my hands. Paranoid that perhaps, the dog was some sort of guide, we refused to go anywhere but where the dog led us which happened to be into the garage of the house where we lived. Having been abandoned, I told Job that I had a sneaking suspicion we no longer existed. A philosophical discussion ensued in which we somehow managed to prove to ourselves that we did not exist in the present tense and we're in the future/past.

We discussed this for about an hour at which point we got to my house and I went straight to bed, exhausted from the walking. I put on some music and watched the ceiling dance to it in the dark, with a splash of light from my clock. Looking over at it, the green letters seemed to slowly move away and I grabbed for them but couldn't catch them. I passed out and got up the next morning, surprised that I existed but immensely pleased with a great trip.

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