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Shrooms = Self Help

First time, 1g, mild hallucinations, and morphing.

I am a skrawny kid that is 5'4ft tall and 90lbs. I have always wanted to do shrooms I could not find anyone that sold them and I know of a pasture but I have a phobia of cows (When I was 9 I was chased by a herd of cows at my uncle's ranch in Hawaii) Anyways, one day my friend came up to me and asked "Wanna by shrooms?" Immediatly we went to the bathroom and started the trade. When I saw the bag of 2 small shrooms and 1 cap I was like "What the fuck, is this a joke?" he said no but since I was so anxious I decided to buy them anyway. These were Cubes.

I decided I wanted to trip alone for the first time because I wanted a trip by myself and not have annoying friends and if I had my friend baby sit me he would fuck with me (He told me prior to me buying shrooms). I got them on a Wednesday and did them on a Saturday.

I told my mom that I was going to go for a walk to this forest area in my neighborhood. I got some water to down the taste and some Cola just incase I wanted it. I got to the spot. There were beautiful trees with dark-green leaves, a small stream that went on no longer than 1/4 of a mile, a random patch of flat white rocks that separated it from the tall grass that reached up to my knees. I decided to set up camp.

I took a seat on the patch of rocks and watched the stream flow. 3 minutes later I popped the shrooms in my mouth and followed them down with water. The taste wasn't too bad but it was bad enough that I made a gagging noise after I ate them all. 1 minute after ingesting the shrooms I thought "OH FUCK! I LEFT SHROOMERY.ORG ON MY LAPTOP!" so I ran to my house. As I entered the house my mom said "That was fast" but I told here that I was going to get different shoes on, I was wearing Crocs at the time. So I went up stairs, turned the laptop off, got my black and white converse on, and headed back out to camp.

I got there and tried to lye down on the patch of rocks but I could not get myself comfortable. For some reason, I was feeling extremely exhausted and worn out. I walked further down the stream and found where it got a little bit wider with water and I tried to sit down again. Still... I could not get comfortable but I sat on a different rock. This was about 20 minutes after ingesting the shrooms and I could feel the effects start kicking in.

Suddenly, I heard a rustling noise in back of me. I ignored it the first time then when I heard it again, I looked back. Behind me were two giant dogs behind a wooden fense sticking their heads out of this slot that made it seem like they were going to get me. I got the hell out of there and got back to the street. I decided to take the long way to my house because I was deciding if I wanted to go to my house risking my mom catching me tripping or just staying outside the whole trip. I decided since I was getting really tired to go to my house. When I was walking down the street, there was a beautiful tree dancing with the wind and It looked like it was waving at me so I waved back. I remember seeing a guy in a truck pass by looking like he had two faces.

So I was walking up this large hill and put in my iPod. Surprisingly the music was annoying so I turned it off pretty quickly. I then took a left to get on the street of my house and then every thing was like a fish camera effect (The types of cameras that the use in a lot of skating videos). I got to my driveway and thought If I should really go in. The whole world was moving beneath me like the ground was a wave. I then opened the gate, went up the stairs and entered my house. My mom greeted me, I greeted back, I sat on the couch and asked "How long was a I gone?"-"20 minutes"-"Oh" then I went upstairs to my room. I sat on my comfy papason chair (Those circle chairs) and opened up my laptop. I tried to watch some videos on youtube but I couldn't, I was extremely tired and kept on looking at my bed saying "That looks so comfortable" I was also distracted by the fact that I thought my computer was living because when the videos were playing, it sounded like my computer was talking to me and saying "Please dont get rid of me, I know I'm in bad condition, but I want to still be yours".

I didn't have a connection with the world, nature, people, animals, or anything. I had a connection with my fucking Macintosh computer... What the fuck. Anyways, I turned it off, hopped in bed and tryed to rest but I could not get comfortable, I was really cold. Then my mom entered the room and said "Your sleepy?" and I said "Yeah, I got a headache"-"Oh, hope you feel better."-"Thanks"

This is when I really start to trip. About 50 minutes after ingestion. I looked at my chair and saw that my comfy chair had these weird signs on them like you would see from Lord of the Rings. I got up and looked closer and thought they were actually real. I was just about to call my mom in to see this because I thought I was going crazy. Then I started seeing this ancient text everywhere, on the walls, the floors, the bed, EVERYWHERE. This was was beautiful. But I was still tired and cold. I got back in bed and stayed for about 20 minutes then thought I should look in the mirror. And my head was morphing, everything was. I also saw the signs on my head like I was some sort of Indian chief. I made goofy faces in the mirror and laughed at myself.

This is where I got lost. I had this weird tune in my head that wouldn't get out. It was a circus tune and everything that moved was moving to the toon of this. I started going crazy so I got back in bed and closed my eyes. I got lost in my head. I couldn't find my way out. I had this weird feeling that occurs when you have a bloody nose and the blood starts rushing down to your mouth. I then tryed to get this mucus stuff out of my system so I began to spit continuously then I spit  spit out something that looked like it was part of my brain but was no bigger than an eracer. This didn't scare me because i knew I was tripping out.

I decided that I was going to take a shower. I took off my clothes and stared at myself in the mirror. My hair started to denigrate before my eyes. And then my head was morphing into different shapes and sizes. I was afraid not because I thought it was real, just because it was plain out fucked up. The top of my head got HUGE and my eyes got really dark and it looked like I was a monster
I then hoped into the shower.

Weird shit happened. I was sitting in the shower with warm water on my skin. Suddenly, I hear all of these weird news channel stations going from one station to the next, on and on and on and on. T
Then I looked at the tile wall and saw that each tile was a kind of video game. The sound shifted from news stations to techno music. And I decided to get out. I got in my bed naked with a towel and blanket and it looked like my dick was as big as half a cork. It was weird and i didint like it because I praise my dick. I put my head against the wall next to my bead and my mattress was breathing and weird energy things were flying around my bed. My cat entered the room. I felt no connection with the cat, just an evil vibe like he was evil. Until it seemed like he was attacking the breathing bed. It was cool because he had symbols on his fur. Everything was morphing, I touched him and his head was twisted and what not. I started playing with my hands as they were distorted and morphing sizes.

 I decided I wanted to go eat so I get up, exit my room and the lights were off. This was freaky because I thought my mom and brother were asleep. So I checked in my moms room, saw that she wasnt in her bed. I was like "Oh fuck, Is she not there, or am I tripping" So I touched the bed to make sure. I then see the light doiwnstairs and was relifed to see that she was down there. I went down, said hi, and went on the couch. (These symbol things are still everywhere. The light reflection on the ground were made up of these symbols and shadows too). I forgot to mention that when I was in my bed, it sounded like there was a fight down stairs between my mom and my animals. Well the animals looked like they were being torched then I looked at a picture of my mom holding my brother as a baby and It looked like he was strangling him. Pretty weird.

This is where the trip gets emotional. My brother in 19 and for some reason is ALWAYS in a pissed off mood and is sarcastic the way he talks. He was disrespecting me and my mom by his attitude. In this trip, he looked like a cold hearted beast and I hated him. He went out to get us some food and I began to cry because of the way he is and my mom comforted me. I told her that I would try not to disrespect her in any way. We had a heart to heart conversation.

I don't know what these codes were. Nothing I've ever seen before but the second time I trip I will write them down.

The Out Come: I now am a better person. I am more outgoing. I am now doing very well in school. I am doing homework and studying.

I will most defiantly be doing

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