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My first experience with mushrooms

A friend of mine made a report of her experience during this trip. This is the only bad and meaningless trip I have had and I still don't really know what happened.  I will use the same names in the other report so you can easily understand who we're both refering to. The report is here: https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/10826581

I was feeling very anxious when Green and Black returned with the half ounce of mushrooms to be split between the 6 of us. I loved my experiences with acid, but once my dealer was arrested I could no longer find it. Shrooms seemed to be the next best thing, but I was unsure about eating them. I was given the duty of weighing out the servings. 2 grams per person. I didn't know much about mushrooms so as I was going through the bag weighing them out, I pulled out the bigger mushrooms first. I weighed out 5 bags and was left with the smaller, unopened mushrooms. I weighed 2 grams out of that, and left the other 2 grams for later. Green, Black, Purple, White, brown, and I ate our 2 grams each and then headed out for a walk to get the trip started. I had a slice of pizza after my mushrooms to get the taste out of my mouth. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it was still not good at all.

We headed up the hill with no goal in mind. Black and Purple had tripped on mushrooms before and were talking about how they were feeling the come up. I didn't really feel anything. We got to a park and Green, Purple, and Black went into a kiddie pool. I joined them while white and red went to sit on a bench. They were all already feeling it and I wasn't. I didn't consider the fact that I had eaten a slice of pizza with my mushrooms and slowed the digestion. After a few minutes, Green began openly talking rather loudly in a public park about our ingestion of mushrooms so Red decided we should leave the park. We headed back towards my house and went down to the basement. I had planned on eating more mushrooms when we got back because I wasn't really feeling the mushrooms. The minute I got down to my room everything started moving. The walls started breathing, the ceiling started swimming, and everyone's face warped to look semi-human and semi-alien. Their foreheads were bigger, their eye's sunken in, and their chin's pointier. I forgot that I was only going to eat more because I wasn't feeling much and just started eating more. I got about three or four down before I decided I needed to be in another room. I went to the back room and laid on the bed and stared at the remaining mushrooms, then continued to eat them. I ate until I felt too nauseous to eat more. I felt like I was getting confused so I walked in to the other room with more people. I remember sitting down on a chair in a good mood, laughing about how crazy everything was then I remember being on the bed, leaning against my girlfriend with no idea what was happening. I was in severe physical and emotional pain due to extreme nausea. At some point in my lapse of memory brown left to go on a walk. The couch that gray was sitting on was growing and shrinking and I did not recognize anything in my own room. The floor looked sharp, the wall moved back and fourth with geometric patterns of different hues and transparencies all running together, I saw colors that do not exist, I could not see or understand the ceiling, I didn't think I could stand, and there were beams of light shining in through the window. I was convinced that there were aliens outside sitting in their giant space ship outside of the window and I was scared. I was feeling things that I had never felt before and my mind was constantly trying to rationalize everything. I was scared to close my eye's because I felt like I was being pulled out of reality. there was a landscape that would become clearer and clearer the longer I had my eye's closed. I believed that I was going to die. I thought I was the stupidest person in the world and I had intentionally poisoned myself.

At this point I felt like I had to do anything that I could to keep myself grounded or I would slip away and die. I'm not really sure what order these next events come in so I'll write them as I remember them. It could have happened in any order. I had to ask everyone to be completely quiet. every sound hurt my head. I asked blue, my girlfriend, if I could play a game on her laptop. She said yes and handed it to me. I didn't know what to do until I remembered a game that I used to play when I was a freshman in high school, n game. I eventually found it and tried to play the first round but I couldn't concentrate on it. I remember multiple people in the group asking me if I was okay or how I was doing. I didn't want to tell them that I was dying because I didn't want them to worry about me so I just said that I was alright. I eventually got up to try to throw up and get rid of the nasuea. As I walked to the bathroom I felt like I was floating and didn't understand how I was doing it. I leaned over the toilet gagging myself for what felt like years, eventually a small amount of what I saw as purple blood came out of my mouth and danced around the toilet. As I walked out of the bathroom I looked in the mirror and in the reflection everything looked completely normal. Nothing was melting or growing or shrinking or moving or dancing or spinning. It was all motionless just like it normally is. I looked away and  the mirror had deceived me. Everything was still in constant terrifying motion. I asked blue to come outside with me and green and black followed. Each blade of grass had two blades coming off of it in a t shape and it was a dull gray instead of a deep green. There were multiple depths to it and certain layers rose above and turned into other layers. The tree was nothing more than one giant fractal. I finally saw the beauty of the trip, but I was still terrified. As I was sitting on my walkway a lady passed pushing a stroller and walking a dog. As she passed I heard the dog howl like a wolf very loudly in some sort of strange manner that seemed as if it needed help. Blue and I went back inside but Green and Black stayed. Unannounced to us, they wandered off into the forest with no phone, water, food, or black's insulin in search of Brown. When I got back inside Brown texted me and told me that he was on his way back. I replied with something about how beautiful everything was but I had no idea what was going on. It must have taken me 15 minutes to respond. I had to keep putting my phone down then remembering what I was doing with it. I think he replied and I handed my phone to blue to reply for me. He got back soon but Green and Black were missing. My mom and brother had finally gone to sleep so we ventured upstairs to the living room. Purple turned on spongebob and we all started watching. It was annoying me because I couldn't follow what was going on.

Green and Black returned very scared talking about how they almost died and how all they could see was cliffs and how Black almost jumped off of a cliff and they were lost and black needed his insulin. White got black his insulin then he headed home to be with his girlfriend.

I went on the back deck with most of the group to smoke a cigarette. The wood grain was crawling consistently at a  slow pace. it was relaxing. Once I started smoking I felt like I could finally understand that I was going to come back soon. I decided that I never going to do drugs again. I didn't need them. I was feeling much better. I believe that everyone else went back inside but white and I. I think we both wanted another cigarette or were sharing another one or something and we talked for a while. I started feeling a lot better. White went back inside and I had a thought in purple's voice. It said, "Everything is going to be alright, just relax." The nausea went away and I was actually having a good time.  I went back inside and started watching spongebob. I still didn't understand what was going on but it was hilarious.  I kept having the realization over and over again that I have a body. Every time I thought about it I would say, "Oh Yeah!", then start laughing. Things slowly became more static and my mind returned to it's less fragile state refreshed and reinforced.

After the fact I figured out that I ate 3 grams give or take .1 or .2.
Also, I later told Purple about hearing his voice in my thoughts and he said, "That's crazy, I was worried about you and trying to send you good thoughts." He said that he was just trying to let me know that I was going to be okay. He said it was when I was on the deck and he went down stairs.

Since then I have continued to do psychedelic drugs including mushrooms. I've tripped on mushrooms a lot of times since then and consistently had great, positive, meaningful trips just like on acid. Mushrooms make me sick though and give me quite a body load while acid makes me feel like I'm running better than usual. I need to find a new hook up for acid. Haha.

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