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First Time - holy shit

bout 2.8G, chillin with friends

Ok, ive been trying to get shrooms for awhile now. I usually just smoke weed, but for some reason lately shrooms have been interesting me. Me and my bud found this site and ive been reading trip reports for awhile now. They facinate me. Anyways, i got about 2.8 grams or so from a good friend. It was supposed to be an 1/8 and i was to split it between my best bud, but i ended up with only 2.8g's. I was very nervous and exited at the same time. I was chillin in my room with my sister and her 2 friends, my best bud, and his sister and her friend. They were all just chiliin and we had some gin and were doing shots. They got a ton of weed for the night and they were getting ready to go for a walk and smoke it. So i got some peanut butter and hersheys chocolate bars and just downed the shrooms like a man. It was the worst thing. So after i ate them, we all went for a walk up to the park and they all smoked (exept me becuase i get tested occasionaly). I was feelin fine the whole time and felt left out that they were high and i wasnt. I keept screwing with them the whole time. So we get back and all go to my room and just chill. I started to get queasy. It was like i "felt" the shrooms in my belly digesting. I then got a massive hot flash and just stuck my head under the sink. I came back into my room all wet and my friends thought it was the funniest thing ever. It then started to hit me. I remember my door was all wavy and so was my celing. It just keept getting more intense. I remember like zoning out every few seconds and just laughing non-stop. Thats when it got insane. I put on these glasses i got in Chemistry class that lets u see the different colors of the visible light spectrum. I turned on the strobe light and just left my body and was just floating and starting at the strobe light. We turned on my big ass 14" subs and blasted some music. It was INTENSE. my friends were all just high and doing their own thing. i was sitting on the couch and it felt like i was getting sucked into it. i keep just zoning out and laughing my ass off. i keep having to get up and pee like 8 times throughout the night. i remember peeing and looking over to the sink to the thing that holds your toothbrushes. the holder then turned into my gym teacher from 10th grade and freaked me out. so i went back into my room and pretty much stayed there all night. the girls left and it was just me and my bud. he was crashin from his weed high and was half asleep. i was watching the Hangover and lovin it. i remember i kept hitting him to wake him up. (oh by the way i took the shrooms at about 11:30 and it was like 3:00 AM) i then convinced him to go for a walk. the cold felt so nice outside. i keep geting massive urges to just hug my dad and tell him i love him. i even called like a few friends and even my GF who was sleeping and just telling them how much i love them and am glad their a part of my life. i put on some gloves because it was kinda chilly outside. i grabbed some snow and balled it up really tight. Ok, heres where i need help. everytime I took a bite of the snow, i got this INSANE chill thoughout my body and couldnt move. like it was amazing. we then keept walking, then i would stop and do it again. i did this for hours and it was the best thing in the world. i ate so much snow, just feeling the ice melt in my mouth. it was amazing. has anyone expiereinced this before? anyways, we went back home and my bud went to bed and i went in the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror for at least an hour. i questioned everything ive come to know in this world. i remember just seeing my body and realizing that ive grown so much since i was a child. i was becoming an adult (im 17 by the way) it was so unreal, it felt as if i left my body and was starting at myself in the mirror, but it wasnt me. after that i just went to bed (it was about 5:00 Am) the trip lasted about 6 hours or so. overall, for my first shroom high, it was unreal. i look forward to more adventure inthe future.

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