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Shrooms + DXM

my greatest psychedelic experience

I noticed to my disappointment the very few articles on the use of DXM and Shrooms together, and felt that it was a subject that needed much more input. First off, about myself: I have much experience using mushrooms and DXM individually, and feel that I was properly prepared for my experience of combining the two, and was able to understand the experience as much as anyone would be able to.

My first attempt at the combination involved 1 gram of dried Cubensis and 300 mg of DXM, as I had read that the synergy of the drugs can be quite something. My usual dose of Cubes was roughly 5g (dried), and 712mg for a typical DXM dose (8oz bottle of CVS Tussin), so as you can see, I was making quite a cut for this combination. The experience was okay, but nothing to elaborate on. Very simply, it felt like I had done more of each drug than I really had, but that was all. It was the shroomy psychedelicness, with a lot of robo-fucked-upness, like not being able to focus on things. It was definitely something I needed to do with a full dose of each drug, though, to really understand its potential.

I found a field nearby with Copelandia cyanescens growing in it, and figured it was an ideal opportunity to try the shrooms/DXM combo again. I decided to take about 1.5g dried Meanies (which is a high dose, given their potency), and 712mg of DXM. I cannot describe how much I was looking forward to this trip, as I knew it was going to be one of the most intense I'd ever experience. I properly prepared by getting some Enigma ready, making sure I had a fair stash of marijuana, and so forth. I downed the shrooms first, because they've never given me nausea -- if anything, they've eased my nausea by occupying my mind. I figured if I took the shrooms first (about 30-60 min. onset), and the robo second (1-2hr onset), I'd come up on the Robo while peaking on the shrooms, my desired effect.

I threw on some Enigma just as I felt things start to kick off, and the moment became incredible. The music was capturing me like no music I had ever heard before, and I knew that I was embarking on what was to be one of the most spiritual trips of my life. I called up my friend Kate, as she has been one of the most important people in my life, and told her about the journey I was about to take, but very soon after had to get off the phone. I was becoming overwhelmed by the drugs' effects, I had to just lie there and let things take over.

The next thing I knew, I was flying down a colorful tunnel of light and patterns, like a roller coaster through space. I eventually broke through the end of the tunnel just to find myself staring at the edge of the universe. I don't know how long I looked at the various heavenly bodies in front of my eyes, but I was back in my room before I knew it.

The trip consisted of very intense versions of the best effects of each drug. Of course, the most noted of these effects was the visuals. The room was twisting and turning and melting and morphing. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like a hunched-over mangled creature. I reached a point during my trip where every thought that passed through my mind was animated in front of my eyes as a cartoon. It was undeniably the most visual trip of my life; in fact, I saw Tom and Jerry many times throughout the trip, running in front of my eyes as though from one side of the tv screen to the other, frying pan in hand and all. I listened to several Enigma CD's that night, creating a movie to each one in my head for what seemed like an eternity.

The weed affected the trip in a couple ways, considering that I was using two very different drugs. On one hand, it went very well with the shrooms, greatly affecting the psychedelicness of everything. It also helped bring the DXM aspect of things under control, as it always has when using just DXM and cannabis. The weed seemed to amplify the trip, as well as bring a new level of focus to things, and bring it all a little more down-to-earth. I ran out of weed eventually, and think that more could've had a notable influence, but that's something I'll have to see in the future.

There was a level of intensity that can't be put into words...if anything, it was that I was spiritually overwhelmed by the experience. I've had some crazy DXM trips, and some crazy shrooms trips, but nothing tops what happened to me that night. I usually look to trips like that for answers regarding my life and the world, but it was just too much to take in. I hope to experience this more times in the future, and that I can make more use of it for personal development once I fully grasp all the shit that goes on during a trip like that. I wish there was more I could tell you about what happened, but it was all just too much. If anything, I just want you to get curious enough to go out there and try it yourself.

I highly recommend this combination.  Next time I plan on cutting the DXM dose down to about 500-600mg, as the DXM did seem to have the higher ground during this trip. Not only do I recommend this, I also warn you: it's some crazy shit. Like I said, I've done some insane doses of DXM and shrooms (100 grams of fresh shrooms = fun!), but do be warned that it can be quite an overwhelming experience. I'm glad I tried the first 1g/300mg dose that I did, because it helped me grasp what was the appropriate dose for me, and a test-dose like that can do just the same for you. Have fun, and be safe!"

I wish I had been able to go into more detail, but I was having too much fun, and everything was happening in this twisted vortex of time-fuckedupness that made it difficult to know one moment from the next. I just woke up the next morning as though from a dream, and thought ".........DAAAAMN.........".

The other thing...there likely wont be another instance of this experience in my life, for personal reasons. I can't say I'm distraught by this; it's kind of special to have this one instance of the experience to look back on and think "Yup...that sure was crazy.

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