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JM's shroom trip

The first time i did shrooms was September 2001.

The first time i did shrooms was September 2001. I was seeing this guy who had brought shrooms into town and he gave me and my best friend 1.5 grams each for free.we ate them at about 6pm.

Me and my best friend are walking down the street to go to another friends house where 10 of our other friends were trippin. As were running down the street we feel a bit different but not really.

I'm sitting on the stairs and i'm staring at the carpet and all of a sudden it starts swaying. I smile as i notice that the effects are kicking in.

Don't know what time any of this happened.but here it is.

I'm still staring at the carpet and i relize how thirsty i am so i walk into the kitchen and all of a sudden i'm standing in front of a mirror. It scares the shit outta me cause i thought someone was staring at me but it was actually myself. finally i relize it and walk to the sink. I fill my glass with water and relize how shaky i am. I go to fridge to see if there is any food and as i open the door everything inside seems to jump out at me. I laugh crazily and shut the door then open it again and so on. this goes on for about a half hour. ( i had no sense of time whatso ever) Then i decide to go find my best friend (Kim) again so as i'm running up the stairs i fell like a rabbit hopping up them, it feels like once i jump off one step i would fly 5 feet into the air and then land on the next one. I get up stairs and see kims boyfriend laying on the couch staring out the window looking amazed, i ask him what hes looking at and he tells me the world is moving but hes staying in one spot. i start laughing crazily and sit on the couch beside him looking at the stuffed moose head on the wall and it looks like its eyes are staring right at me and its turning against me, so i jump up and run away and find kim laying on the floor staring at the light on the ceiling, she tells to lay beside her cause its shriniking and growing so i do and it begins to spin slowly in a circle then faster and faster then all of a sudden its gone. i freak out cause i don't know where it went , then i go downstairs and outside for a smoke i'm standing there with the phone in my hand and i can;t stop laughing because its sooooo funny that i'm calling my mom, she tells me to meet her uptown so i go and get my coat on and see one of my friends that i haven;t seen in 2 years i go up to him and look him the eyes and tell him he has a purple rainbow on his nose and poke him. then run away laughing.

I get back outside and spark a smoke but every drag i take i start to gag so i put it out. i then tell kim and nataniel that i have to pee so we run into this persons front yard, i pee on their front steps, kim pees in front of their living room window and nathaniel pees on their boat. we run away laughing and see a car stop right in front of us.

we think its stephanie so we jump in and relize it was 5 old ladies that stopped at a stop sign and they look terrified that three teenagers just jumped into their car laughing like their crazy. we relize we don;t know these people and jump out and start running. so were walking uptown past a lake and i stop and stare, yelling about how pretty it is , finally an hour and a half later we get uptown even though its a 15 minute walk, and were walking down the streets yelling , screaming and laughing like were crazy i still have no sense of time i look at my watch like every second because it feels like an hour had passed.

we stop at a vidoe store and i ask to use the phone and tell my mom where i am. so we go outside sit down and wait, every few seconds i burst out laughing and say oh noooooo my moms coming over and over again. then she shows up and all of a sudden i'm normal, then i get home and i start to think that i;m never going to come down and start freaking out and i jsut want to go to sleep because i have school the next day but i can't stop thinking how i'm going to be high forever. a little while later my dog comes into my room and calms me down finally i fell asleep and woke up normal

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