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2nd time around


ok. this is my second report, my firt was too long aftermy trip to remember anything but that it was the coolest thing ever. me and my friend (who we'll call gimpy(he broke his leg riding his bike down the cutbanks(cliffs) and still has a limp a year later) we met at the library(popular stoner hangout in town(mind you our whole fuckin town is a druggee town) and went up a hill behind the library to dose. i was the one who had the shrooms (left over from my last trip) and i had split them up in my favor.(he got two grams and i got three grams) which we washed down with a sobe drink(after reading about the yohimbe in them). after dosing we looked under the cap of the sobe and were amused by the saying underneath(sobe wan kenobe). we sat at the top of the hill until the shrooms started to take effect. we went back down to the library so i could lay down in one of those moulded chair thingys. i was feeling really sick. i told my friend i was going to get a drink from the fountain and i stood up to leave. when i came back i was feeling no better and i started to gag. @ this point my friend said "point that way man, down spray that shit on me."

i obliged because he is really friggin huge and pukin on someone is wrong. i asked him if we could go somewhere else but he said no. not that i puked right away mind you, i stood up to go to the bathroom and as i walked between the fiction and the sci-fi in the teen section i just loosed about half of my shrooms( i would guess). then while i was in the bathroom i puked in the sink some more.....

i went back to my friend and i told him we should probably leave before the puke gets pinned on one of us. he agreed quickly and left.

i felt alot better after the puke, and i was sti;ll trippin pretty good. one thing i have noticed after taking shrooms is that me and my friends walk.... not just a little, but like across town an shit.

we went to sight and sound where i began to see the cement swirl and move and shit.. .that was pretty cool. then we went to my friend .... sheldons house and sat down to watch some quality TV(beverly hillbillies(i dont like this show but it was on and i wasn't in the mood to argue)). some strange people showed up(friends of sheldons parents) and we smoked like three fattie joint of bc weed(i live in Prince george, northern capital of BC). this is were i started seeing shit in my head....

sheldon turned off the tv and turned on his kick ass 8 speaker surround sound steroe with loud music. i just closed my eyes and saw the vibrations in my head. i saw me sitting on the couch and the music blaring like in a beavis and butthead cartoon and then the music blew me away(litteraly) and i stretched out as did my surroundings. and when my eyes were open i could see lines around everything. everything had a red outline with rainbow colors going ot around it.

i sat there opening and closing my eyes for a good 4 hours and then .... blink... hey wait a minute.... I"M SOBER>>>> (damnit).

thats one of the things i like about mushrooms... no burnout. no hangover. just dissapears........


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