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first time shroom trip.


I had always wanted to try shrooms ever since I heard about them. I went shroom hunting a few times but came up with nothing. I have you know it was the middle of winter when I got the call asking if I wanted shrooms. I WAS STOKED. I said yes to buy an eighth for 25. When I got them I immediately ate half the eighth with intention of eating the rest after I knew I could  because the dealer said they were strong and he wanted me to be careful. I waited an hour and I felt just a little funny so I ate the rest and waited another hour. After that I still felt funny but nothing crazy. I WAS PISSED. I smoked a couple bowls and kept trying to get ahold of the dealer but no answer. After that something didnt seem right. I was high from smoking but now my vision began to turn into these crazy colors and I was going out of my mind. My friends kept asking me if I was okay but I couldnt talk to them all I could do was freak out. Whenever I stared into these crazy colors surrounding my vision I could see it was actually a bunch of faint rainbow colored gingerbread men holding hands all staring at me. this is when I lost my mind. I couldnt say anything besides Holy S*** and "the gingerbread men!". I stood up to try to talk to my friend again and my head was spinning and I looked down and there was two pillows. . .one green and one blue. I reached down to pick up the green pillow and it disappeared. The blue pillow was still there so I picked it up. It was so soft and fuzzy I felt I had to lay down. I fell asleep...

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