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Away with the clouds


First off, i'm sorry if this isn't a great piece of literature, i'm just writing it for fun, and to inform. I do tend to waffle on a bit, i can't help it. I want to write a detailed account of the whole night.

I've taken acid once before, in the summer of 2008. Me and two of my closest mates got a tab each from this guy we know. It was quite emotionally intense, but i didn't get much in the way of visuals, which i was disappointed about.

Anyways, about a year later me and my friend (i'll call him T) decided we wanted to do acid again, after hearing that my other friend (i'll call him F) had a free house for a week. F said he would be more than happy to trip sit for us, he also invited 3 more friends round as they were going to have a piss-up and watch me and T tripping. All 6 of us are very very good friends, and me and T are very very comfortable in F's house.

So we managed to track down some acid from a guy calling himself Dogz. He lived over the other side of town, so we took a bus over there and phoned him for directions. We met up with him, after a long wait, and he dropped a drop of pure LSD on each of our tounges at around 9:30. At this point it was just me and T, so we decided to get back to F's house as soon as possible. It was a 15 minute walk back to the bus stop. I noticed the first effects kicking in when we were sat down waiting for the bus. The bus driver got out of the bus and was having a smoke before continuing the journey. I was watching him, and couldn't help thinking that something was different, he didn't seem very friendly. So we got on the bus, and started heading home. I was looking around on the bus and couldn't stop smiling. I burst into laughter randomly at one point, and i remember thinking "what are the people on the bus going to think?" which made me laugh even more as i realised i don't care what they think, i can laugh all i want!

So we got off the bus, and there's a 5 minute walk to F's house. I had a massive rush of energy at this point, and a feeling inside me that something is happening. I could really feel the LSD coming on, it was a feeling of immense anticipation and lots of excitement. I tried to persuade T to run back to F's house, but he was having none of it, so we took a brisk walk back. We got to F's front door, and i was banging on the door like crazy. As soon as he opened the door i exclaimed "this is some fucking good acid". He was amazed at how quickly it had taken hold of us, and told us to come upstairs.

This was about 10:30, an hour into our experience. My thoughts at this point were very jumbled, and it was becoming harder and harder to form real sentences and think straight. My mind felt like a puzzle, and all the pieces were slowly breaking apart from each other and being scattered all around the place. About 2 hours into the trip i noticed some visuals starting to creep in. Everything looked a lot more clear, and colours were a lot more vibrant. Patterns were starting to form on objects around the room, very subtly at first. I remember F saying something about how using a laptop on your lap a lot can decrease sperm count. I asked to go on his computer to check this out. I got onto Google and was rather amazed at how much blank white space there is. It had a weird realisation of how powerful Google is, and it was quite scary for a moment. Anyway, i found the keyboard and ended up typing 'Laptops lap sperm'. At this point i must've been distracted by something else and moved away from the computer. F came back to the computer and started laughing at what i had typed, i was confused because i thought i had conducted a great search! So F starts chatting to some friends on msn, telling them what me and T are getting up to in our acid induced states. I see him talking to a good old friend of mine, who i haven't seen for about a year, and i tell F to invite him over right now because i want to see him (i'll call him J).

About an hour later i hear a knock at the door and run downstairs, fling open the door, and there's J in all his glory. This is when the visuals really started to kick in. J walks into the house and i embrace him, and as soon as i touched him i saw amazing geometrical patterns in many many colours swirling all around the place. The hug felt like an amazing connection. I tell J it's been a while since i've seen you. He's just laughing at this point, because i obviously sound wayyy fucked. We wander into the kitchen where another friend (L) is cooking pasta. It smells absoloutely devine. Then the kitchen counter starts to get taller, then shorter, and the pattern on it is winding around like a snake. I pick up a slice of pizza left over from yesterday and take about 20 minutes to decide whether to take a bite or not, i don't know if i'm hungry or not. I take a bite in the end and spend a good few minutes chewing at it until i end up spitting it out, realising i can't eat when i'm like this.

So we head back upstairs to F's room, where he's playing GTA4, and blasting some music on his new speaker system. I take a seat on the floor and sort of go into a trance with the music. I have never heard music in this way before. I can hear every different part, every synth sound, every different drum on the drum kit, each different string on the guitar/bass seperately. (It was electronic music so there was no guitar, but just to give you an idea...). I could feel each different part of the music swooshing around in the air, intertwining with each other, accompanied by intense patterns on the walls, floor, etc. The walls kept changing colour, one minute they were red, the next minute green. I begin staring at the carpet and it starts to change shape, the patterns on it moving around. F notices me doing this, and tells me i've been sat there for about half an hour staring at the floor. It felt like 30 seconds to me. This makes me feel like i've been wasting time, so i ask to have a go on GTA4. I end up driving along the motorway at top speed for about 30 seconds, the whole game is pretty much a blur, then i get distracted by something else and put the controller down. By this point i really can't concentrate on one thing for mroe than a minute. This is about 1:00, three and a half hours into the trip.

At this point F puts on a song called Examination Of Time (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PQ7_-3NbyU) and it draws me in, i feel time slow down, and when the beat drops it picks up again, making me go absoloutely mad and start flailing my body about and jumping around the room with joy. We then start watching some funny videos on YouTube, all of which just looked unreal to me. F then puts on some porn to see what me and T make of it. All i could see were bodies distorting and winding around each other, looking nothing like sex. It was just plain odd.

The last time we did acid, we went to a local supermarket (Tesco) and i insulted some people because they were buying vodka, then a woman turned into a seagull and chased me through the colourful isles of the shop. So we decide we'll go to Tesco on this trip, to buy some food. Me, F and T are the only one's going. F tells everyone else not to fall asleep for when he gets back. The other three were very stoned/drunk/both at this point. So we head downstairs and it's about 10 minutes before me and T are ready to leave the house. It felt like we were embarking upon an epic adventure, and we had to be very prepared. It's a 15 minute walk to the supermarket, and we're chatting all the way there, checking out the scenery and emptiness of the local area at this time of night. We get there, and we see a police car parked in the car park just outside the entrance. I thought to myself, i should be getting fucking paranoid right now, but i was about as chilled out as i had ever been. I focused all my concentration on trying to walk straight so they wouldn't suspect anything. Anyways, we get into the shop fine, and all go our different ways, seeking out food and drink. I bought some sweets purely because they were colourful, and some chocolate. I wander to the drinks isle, and an energy drink called "Emerge" catches my eye. I think 'WOW, EMERGE!!! EMERGE!!' so i pick that up aswell. I head to the checkout, pay for my items whilst laughing and sweating profusely, and exit the shop. T and F meet me outside shortly. We walk back to F's house. On the way back a bush caught my eye. I told T to come and check it out. We stood there for a good ten minutes admiring the perfectness of this bush, and wishing we had a camera. It turned from green to purple as it grew over a barbed wire fence (not a halloucination). We were, quite frankly, amazed.

Back in F's house, we went back into his room. F's room is in the attic, and he has a rather amazing view of the city from up there. I ask to open the window and admire the view, he says go ahead. For the next 3 hours i am sitting on his chest of drawers, staring out at the city, and mainly, the clouds. I can't really explain what i saw, and do it justice, but i will try. It was the most amazing thing ever. At first, i was staring at the clouds, and it looked as if there were about 5 layers of cloud floating past each other at intense speeds. I was also seeing a snowflake-like pattern in the clouds, which was awash with all the colours of the rainbow. It was tesselated many times over the whole sky. I stared in awe as the clouds started to take the shapes of many different things. I was rooted to the spot, unable to move away from the enticing clouds. I saw many many different faces weaving in and out of each other to create more faces, clown faces, devil faces, the faces of angels, the faces of death all interlinking with each other, swirling around with the clouds and changing into different faces every second. They looked so far away, yet they were so near like i could reach out and touch them. At this point i was feeling a great 'one-ness' with everything in the world. I had an overwhelming feeling of how big the sky is, and beyond the sky, the universe, the everything. And seeing all these different faces, patterns and colours on such a massive scale across the sky reminded me how small i was, but at the same time, how i was one of the faces in the clouds, and how someone was watching me morph and distort in the clouds somewhere. It's hard to explain. Anyway, the faces then turned into many different things, i was seenig skeletons dancing across the sky, dragons, birds, pterodactyls swooping around. There wasn't one fixed image in the sky for more than one second. It was constantly changing. Hard to describe. Let's just say i saw what might aswell have been 'everything' in the sky swirling around, and at the same time had an enormous feeling of being at one with the world, and everything. The most enlightening experience in my life. I literally sat there for about 3 hours watching the sky. I felt like i was so small and insignificant compared to 'everything'. But at the same time, i realised i am everything, and everything is me, and everything is everything. At first i thought of the conflict between 'me being everything', and 'everything that isn't me'. Then i realised that they were both the same thing, one. Like i said, it's near impossible to put into words, but it was the most intense and amazing feeling of my life.

F brings be back into the room. He says i don't seem like i'm tripping anymore, and i'm being very quiet (i hadn't said a word when i was staring at the clouds). I could only think of one thing to say... "I'm still tripping". He didn't quite believe it. I was very calm, i could not even try to explain to him what i had witnessed, and how i felt. I didn't need to explain it, he knew, even if he didn't know he knew, he still knew. This was about 4:30am. 7 hours into the trip. I felt like i had had a 3 hour peak, 'away with the clouds'. It's hard to put into words.

At this point, F suggests me and T go downstairs and finish our trip so everyone else can get some sleep. We had agreed this prior to the trip. Me and T make ourselves comfortable in the living room, and begin talking about the trip so far. We both felt very calm, our minds still very open, thoughts buzzing around our heads like crazy. But we managed to relax and had some very interesting philosophical conversations. We picked up some of F's mum's science books from the coffee table and picked out some quotes, and chatted about how science was nonsense. We discussed stuff like "why should we study particles we can't see? What is, is, and what isn't, isn't, and everything we know IS, so what's the point?". A couple more wierd conversations later, and i stumble across a calculator, a pen, and some paper. I key into the calculator: 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 etc. Until i got to 2 to the power of 24, which is 33554432. For some reason we found this number very mystical, we could not believe that such a number (33554432) could come from 2 x 2, 24 times. The fact that there were two 3's, two 5's, two 4's, and a 32 in this number was absoloutely amazing to us at the time. So we proceded to try 3 to the power of 24. Then 4 to the power of 24. Baiscally we ended up with a lot of numbers, then subtracted them from each other, multiplied by 24 etc etc etc. We went maths mad, trying to beat the calculator, or figure out some numbers or something i'm not even sure. All of this was written down on a piece of paper, along with quotes we thought up at the time like "what are we doing? why are we doing this? That's not the point, we've got more important things to worry about". Another good one was "Acid is like numbers, the possibilities are endless". Looking back at that piece of paper today it is clear that LSD turns your brain into something else, i don't know what we were thinking...

The comedown started at about 9am, we put on the tv, took the piss out of the news, chatted and whatnot. Discussed the trip. And concluded acid is the best drug ever.

An amazing experience for both me and T. It was not a bonding experience, we both had kinda seperate trips, but i assure you T's was just as powerful as mine, as he told me later on.

Thanks for reading, if you got this far... Peace.

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