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My First Trip

First Time Shrooming

So in case you havent noticed from the titel AND the subtitle this was me and my friedns first time doing shrooms. I live in Holland, so its all amazingly legal and we smoke weed alot, get the best shit here WW Haze just the best...Anyways we decided to finally try out the shrooms for the first time and it was probably the best decision of my life. I still live with my parents :S (fml ey, but not for long) so i had to sneak out which is easy as i do it alot, and we usually meet up at our old middle school where we first started smokeing and shit, This was like December 16, and the next day i was going on a trip to guatemala to visit my family there, as i do every year. So we meet up at around one in the morning, i have to wake up at five to go to the airport so im gonna be  tired as fuck, and this is like my goodbye to getting high for like a month. So we wait for everyone to get here, and we immediatly eat the shrooms to give them time to kick in. my friend brought some chocoalte mints called 'After Eights' and they were ok tasting, but the shrooms tasted like shit. I think we all ate about two grams or so with the after eights, then we lighted up our joints and got high, We wanted to make sure we were in a good mood before our trip so we did sum good WW shit, but it was fucking freezing cold outside so yea i kinda wanted to go back...Then the shrooms kicked in.
                      It was about half an hour later when the shrooms started to kick in. My friends started it off by one of them lying down on the ground, and nother one crouching on top of him, and they were both singin the flying turtle song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK6cbF0-qJI) and the one on the  bottom (phildog) was trying to fly and he was singin, and it was the most hilarious thing ive seen in my life...ever. After that i got really pissed at my friend who come with us but always stays sober(mich), and he was on his bike so i chased him down the street like 1 kilometer, having no idea why or what i was doing, just kinda running, Then a car almost hit me, so he took me back to where the others where, and we started singing this crazy awesome mushroom song really loud (http://www.weebls-stuff.com/songs/Shrooms/). So that was the first phase of our trip. 
                  I cant really remeber much after this...just bits and peices and im not sure if theyre in chronoligcal order, but i had to piss reall bad, so i go up to the school door and piss on it, only to notice theres a camera staring at me, so i flick it off, then i trip and my freind (thijs, mich's brother) is lying on the ground screaming "TIM JSUT PISSED OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! " over and over again....i dont why but he thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. Then i climbed up a bus waiting station, and jumped down and laid on the floor and stared at the beauty of a peice of trasht. So i go back to where my friends are and we eat the rest of the after eights which where the best thing ive tasted EVEr while we were on shrooms. Once we finished we tried eating the wrappers, but we got tired of alll the chewing. After that i think i dont know why but i started walking around a pole, then everyone else followe me, and we were walking around the pole, and tehn the next thing  i remember someone hit me in the balls, but it didnt hurt, then i had uncontrollable laughter, so i was lyeing on the floor laughing my ass off, so everyone else starts kicking me and punching me, and i just kept laughing, cuz i couldnt feel shit from it. Then i stopped laughing, and got pissed off at thijs cuz...i dont know why, and i kicked him really hard, the razzy and phildog (the otther two trippers) started cheerin gme on and shit, so we started dancing, then mich said he was goin home because he was bored, and thijs got all paranoid because he was scared of going home in the dark. And then part three of the trip came.
                So we all completely forgot that michiel left, and were doing really random things, and just talking about shit, and laughing our asses off, and chasing each other, and then thijs calls michiel to come pick him up, so mich comes all the way back (its like 3 in the morning now and its about -2 centigrade out) and picks thijs up and they both go home. When they leave i chase them for a couple blocks, and pushthem of their bikes, then we all say goodbye for the next month, so i go back to my other mates still wiht me (razzy and phildog) and we keep doing random shit that i cant remember, then it gets to like 3:30, and i finally decide i shoulld go home, so that no one notices that im not there when we have to go to the airport, so i go back, an don the bikeride back, its about 6 kilometers, takes me about 30 minutes when high, or drunk, so im bikeing back, and my fingers get so cold that i cant feel them, so i decide its a good idea to take my gloves off? dont know how or why but its works, andmymy hand get warm again, so when im biking back i would just get completely lost in my mind for like a few minutes, then suddenly like metally wake up only to find that im about to run off the road of sumthin, so i think "wtf? how did that happen" then i think"wiat what am i doing here?" and i have no idea whats going on then i completely get lost in my mind again...thats the best way i can describe it...its like my mind just shut off completely, i have no recolection of when i was in this state, only when i "woke up" from it...so one of the times i "wake up" i decide my mind is like a goldfish, and it keeps forgetting what happens every five seconds or so, and it was partially true, nezt second after i thought that i would think "wait....what was i just thinking?" then id remeber, then id forget agin, etc...untill my ind went to sleep again, then it would wake up, and eveverything would start over again.....So then i fnially got home, and i snuck in, which was kinda difficults, as i have to climb up onto my roof,m but i manage to (im skilled at it from all the times ive done it drunk and high) so i get in my room, and i start takeing my coat and shoes off and shit...but i end up taking everything off  :S, then i go on msn, and talk to phildog for awhile, then its like 4:20, and i go to sleep, and wake up at 5:20 to go to the airport.
                  So i wake up expecting to be unshroomed, but im still tripping out, and i still have "the goldfish effect" so i very slowly somehow convince my parents and sister that im really tired, and we get all the bags int he car, and i go to sleep again to try to get unshrromed, but i wake up at the airport at like 6 and im still trippin, so eventually we get on the plane at like 8...still trippin a bit, passed security while on shrooms, and got be on a plane while on shrooms....Was the best experience of my life, andim glad i could do it with my best freinds Phildog, Razzy, Thijs, and Mich (even tho he didnt do shit) so yea...thats what happened,
prologue: btw wheni got to the states, as part of my trip to guatemala 10 hours later, were goin thru customs, and one of the police sniffer dogs comes up and starts smellin me...i almost had a shit in my pants, but it walked away like 5 seconds later...phew
Sorry for the shit spelling btw :)

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